Wake me up when holidays ends!



I know i have been complaining that this duration of holidays is too long. Because i’m this kind of weird people who do not favour LONG holidays if i knew that i would be wasting away my time, lepak from the front gate of my home till the kitchen and to my room, damaging my eyes with the unbelievable amount of time spent on Facebook/ Blogger / Twitter, etc. I don’t even like the idea of watching 10 episodes of drama series in a day (and get headache on the following day. LOL). I mean, occasionally, yes. But asking me to do that for 4 freaking months? No smurfing way!

* Oh My Smuft. I have been infected by the Smuft-Smurf Disease. Haha! Oh by the way Smurfs are smurfingly cute! Lalalalalala Sing a Happy Song~*

Ok ok come back.

Now the holidays have finally coming to an end. I’m going to continue the my dental life as a Year 2 student! More uncertainties and challenges ahead, but i’m quite excited to resume my job as student again! (I know i’m weird. But i’m not NERD loh please!) Additionally, i can’t wait to see new faces in the faculty! :D

So what have i done in this 4 months? (The 2nd longest holidays i had, next to my post-SPM holidays. Gosh. I wonder how i spent those days.)

Ting's Photography
Vacation with family at Cameron Highland, Ipoh, Taiping. Like the weather at Cameron Highland. Certainly not forgetting the beautiful scenery which are freaking conducive towards production of nice photos! Well, as well as the scenery is nice, even though you have a noob camera in hand, you can still able to capture beautiful things. Ha ha!

Ting's Photography1

More more photos taken at random places like Sekinchan, Fraser Hills and Tanjung Sepat during random trips with family~ I love taking photos and editing them! So this holidays actually gave me a good opportunity to fulfil this desire of mine. :P


Not forgetting trips with friends like the one to Penang! Planned this with Jun Yi and taken aback by the unexpected great amount of coursemates. LOL~ A little trouble at first but everything went smooth afterwards and really glad that everyone enjoyed it! Penang Loh Mee jin ho chiak


And two weeks after Penang trip, the Great Fanxu Gang ( lol ) had their first almost-complete gang trip to Kuching. LOLOLOL. Ex-roommate, Nadia did a great job for guiding us around! :D

New Folder

As for my matrics friends, the KMK sisters, although we did not have vacation to somewhere far, but at least we manage to have up to.. 4 gatherings! And i’m proud that i attended all (Hahaha!). Some of them came over to Klang & KK while just recently, i went to Puchong and made friend with Ying Sze’s puppy. Haha! It was really warming everytime i saw them because although we were in different universities, we had unlimited topics to talk about! :))

New Folder1 Spending-money-like-flowing-water aside, i also did some constructive stuff (one thing about me was.. i must do something when i am free. So either i go out to waste money, or i work, or i do craft. LOL). So yea, these are part of my artworks, which made up one of the most awesome thing happened in this holidays! I did not expect my self to go so much into crafts! Sewing, especially! I expected myself to make some scrapbook and birthday cards for friends, though, since i love making things for people i love~ :D


My miniature sets! The unexpected holiday project, which managed to get unexpected good response on Facebook too! Those words were so encouraging~ :))

Students copyStudents1 copy

And, ahha, the money-earning part: WORK! But even working time can be so enjoyable! Dammit i should start working even earlier so i can earn more pfft. LOL. Seriously, i really do not earn much compared to my friends. ToT. The amount of money i earned was like.. not even HALF (or even QUATER) of the total salary of my friends for the whole holidays! *Put on super kiasu face*.  But our spending rate are the same!! LOL. Nevertheless, if i start working since the beginning of holidays, i believe my holidays would not be as colourful as it is now. Because i might be missing gatherings (and sulking over it afterwards), having no time to discover my crafting talent, not mentioning missing the chance being a full-time FACEBOOK QUEEN… (err. ok. can ignore the last part. Not constructive at all =.=!) Somemore i only worked for 4 to 6 hours per day! Piak piak Tee Yi Ting what do you expect!

Don’t worry imma quite a easily-satisfied person. Like kids. Someone just said i’m behaving like some overage kids. WHAT? Pfft.

Mentioning about kids, i realise some people told me that i have a kiddy face (and occasionally got teased because the cinema counter dudes and babes do not believe i’m eligible to watch 18-above movies.. WHAT?), but at the same time, the first impression i gave people was rather… cool, serious, quiet, FIERCE (AHHA that’s the most important part!). I don’t know. The whole description made me look like… Chiwawa which bite people


Kiddy but scary? LOL?

Whatever it is, lets enjoy the last few days of holidays before we welcome the hectic life again. Ohoho!