Puchong Attack!

One last gathering between KMK sisters before i start to embrace Uni life again? :P


Lunch at here! It is in Mid Valley, anyway.


Super big omelette (which looks like.. erm.. thickened thosai?!) with mash potatoes~ Freaking filling. LOLOLOL.


Movie of the day: Spy kids! When it says it is in ‘4D’, it means this:


The card, which supposedly, have different smell on different number when you rub them but apparently, i think they all smell the same. LOL. Perhaps the smell of blueberry (or something like that) was too overpowering. Haha!

No group pic of the day! Aikssss~ Nevertheless the few of us had Ninja Joe pork burger and Chatime before i followed Ying Sze and her twin sister, Ying Fang back to Puchong!


Thanks so so so so much for the hospitality and the treat! Bak Kut Teh ohohohoho!

Did i mentioned that i was the only guest who ended up in Ying Sze’s house? Gah. Apparently many of the sisters had other plans and couldn’t made it to the sleepover, so being the thick-face me (but mainly because i had brought all my stuffs and semangat membara to run away from home for that night. So memang tak sampai hati to put off the fire of enthusiasm (?!) in me, RIGHT?), i’d decided to carry on with the plan and went to Ying Sze’s house, anyway. *Damn beh paixe*

And, again, something went wrong with my biological clock, because after having a fb-stalking-session with Ying Sze on the night before, i actually woke up at 7.30am on the next day! And the credit went to this natural element called Sun instead of alarm! And we actually planned to have breakfast at 9am so WHY I WOKE UP SO EARLY? i’m mad. fine. i admit it.

But the awesome dim-sum & chit-chat moments later on blew my madness away. Ngehehe..


The Chong twin sisters (Ying Sze and Ying Fang) making egg tart in the house! I couldn’t lend a helping hand because i was playing with this adorable thing:






Untitled-1 copy


Haha! Keep the best photo for the last. That’s Licky the Shih-Tzu! Looking chio in her big-head-photo? :P The super manja lil puppy of Ying Sze who likes to play with me~ So i not only have affinity towards children? Ha ha!

That’s for the brief updates, and GOOD LUCK for my STPM friends (and juniors, if any of them happened to find this blog. lol. Don’t look down on the power of searching engine and stalker tools like Facebook XD) for their entrance to Uni!

And i shall enjoy my last week of the frigging-long-4-months-holidays too. :))


  1. u r welcome sis !!! dun paiseh, u come puchong of course it's my treat !!! oh well, u made a new fiend anyway. XD

  2. Licky!! lololol tell her i miss her. HAHAHAHA!


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