Before i step into the real topic, lets have some.. urm.. appetizer. :P


That was the poor mice cuddling each other and feeling the last warmth of each other before they sacrificed themselves for SCIENCE, for my PHARMACOLOGY practical. LOL. Poor, poor mice. Nevertheless i must admit that i was quite a good mouse-catcher (?!). At least i was daring enough! :P


The cute face before it was killed by penthylentetrazol. May all of you R.I.P. Please don’t haunt me in my nightmare! I shall burn some silver papers for you all. I didn’t meant to make you all jerk and dance like some clubbing babe before you died. amitabha


Fanxu gang celebrating Khai Kent the Boss’s 20th Birthday with the Wong Kok flower-pot-sized milk tea! Happy Birthday boss! You are the best boss in the world. Haha!

Speaking of my darling fanxu gang, most of us were sick! Junyi strained his leg and few of us got food poisoning. Things got worse for Mr.Angry-Bird Ming Xiao because he looked so scarily pale and weak after dehydration. So i decided to stop bullying him and sayang him instead, at least just for today. Well, sickness can’t stop the fighting mode entirely, anyway. HOPE EVERY ONE OF US CAN BE HEALTHY AGAIN!


Birthday celebration for Khai Kent and Mun Nga from coursemates! Chocolate Banana cake! Surprisingly, it was quite acceptable for an anti-banana-product-person like me :P


Coursemates~ <3

Ok. Wow i have a long appetizer. LOL.

So back to the title. Pampered. Who is pampered? Apparently i need to carefully filter every word i typed from this word onwards. Or else perhaps some over-protective parents will complain me for.. for.. for voicing sarcastic comment on their prince or princess? I heard some people mentioned that the after-90’s were relatively fragile. I couldn’t comment much on that since.. i’m in the category too, anyway. So yea, the faculty activity has stopped, at least for this moment. Too much dramas that it will take the next 300 words to explain them in details. Sigh. Sometimes, it was not just the child’s problem but the parents too. Come on, your kids are stepping to the adult phase soon and you are still trying to treat them like a 20-months-old babies? I remembered when i was in the same situation, i did, complained and whined to my parents regarding how bad things could be. Nevertheless my parents advised me to bear with it. Our hardness was not even 10% of that endured by our parents when they want to further their studies at their time!

And if you were not happy with us, please behave like a young man or women which able to stand out for himself/herself. I totally despise those people who hide in their tortoise-shell. Oh, describing you as a tortoise would be quite a insult to tortoise, anyway. So you think you are holy enough to act like Chin Shih Wang or some China Emperor which want his people to teman-me-die????



I simply don’t like a hanging ending, that’s all.