Lover’s Bridge w/o lover?

Before i start my post, Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim readers out there! And for all Malaysians, Happy Independence Day! :)) 31 August is quite a significant day for me actually. Not just because of Merdeka ( since when i’m so patriotic lololol ) but quite many stuffs happened on this date before. One of my bestfriends – Ying Sze’s birthday (she has a twins somemore!), my 1st End-It-versary ( i’m not denying this. Ha Ha), etc.

But overall, it was just another public holiday for me. Haha!

So, family moments!

30 Aug: Fraser Hill

P1230415 copy

Spending a lonely evening….

Ok cut the crap. What an emo opening. XD


But i have to admit, Fraser Hill is one of the most BORING place in the world. LOL. You might label me as a non-nature lover, but i would say it is not entirely true! I do like Cameron Highland when some people regard it as an “old-people-place”, but Fraser Hills? Meh. It was not even cooling enough!

P1230467 copy

The best thing to do was, perhaps, looking for random flower to capture. Yet they can hardly beat those in Cameron Highland, lorh.. *Pfft* One of the best shot i could get. WISH FOR A BETTER CAM FOR BETTER FOCUSING! ToT


More and more random flowers. :P


I must post this photo again because the soft sunlight made me look quite chio. Ok lah, don’t shoot me with some weird look please. Ugly people also deserve some vain moments. It helps to build self-esteem, you know? *Live in own fantasy*

Really, don’t slap me please!


Moved our vehicle to here for bro’s & dad’s boat riding time. Haha. I did not do so because.. i was wearing a dress for god’s sake. =.=!! I know, i know..silly me. Nevertheless i really have some dress fetish nowadays. LOL.

P1230471 copy

More flowers! :P

31 Aug: Tanjung Sepat + some random places

DSC07093 copy

So this was the Lover’s Bridge at Tanjung Sepat! If not mistaken, there was some saying that couples should not walk till the end of bridge together or their relationship will come to an end. So BWAHAHA I HAVE NO PANTANG NOW, I CAN SHAKE MY BUTT TILL THE END OF THE BRIDGE :D

But i did not do so. Ha ha! There was so many people at there, i reckoned it should be named as “Tourist’s Bridge” rather than “Lover’s Bridge”. Ngek. It was damn difficult to have this moment whereby 10 metres in front of me were having ZERO random tourist. *AHHA! Perfect time to snap photo!*

DSC07088 copy

Some random couple i snapped. lol.

P1230496 copy

Found this nearby. Some sort of.. love lock?!


Had our lunch there after waited for damn freaking long. And there was something i must blog about: The Oh-Jian (蚝煎)! First time in my life i saw Oh Jian with this much of “Oh” (separated from the egg). So after my jakun nerves were activated, i dug out my phone to capture this. Seriously, damn a lot! :O However i’m not a great fans of it, actually. I’m a loyal fans to sotong. The sotong mama must be quietly sobbing in the sea for having cruel tertiary consumer like me.. Ngehehe!


And Port Dickson. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF HUMAN. Gosh. Just went there for a walk. Port Dickson was one of the worse beach i ever seen. Look at those rubbish. And the mountain of  human was causing much discomfort in me. Eeeek! Half naked guys everywhere with big belly, protruding tummy, pork-rib alike body….everything but six-packs sexy dudes. What a sight. LOL!

So that’s all for now, cuz i have more plans awaiting me for the next few days. Wohoo i love holiday plans!! :D


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