Da’ Ribbon Moi

DSC07187copyDa’ Ribbon Moi. My last holiday work.

and Da’ Ribbon Moi says bye to holidays!

and her owner is bringing her together to University of Malaya. Perhaps her existence in optech lab can make her owner smile a little (not!).

and her owner is puzzled when her guy friends told her that he only brought like.. 1 bag + 1 backpack + some other lil stuffs to uni, when herself brought 3 bags + 1 backpack + 1 big box (+ 2 pails + pillow. No teddy bear anyway). She was totally confused.

and her owner’s neighbour just said that she became fatter and …fairer. So all together her owner is someone which is 白白胖胖 anyway. And her owner is baffled again, for taking that as compliment  or not. Well the 2nd part was a good thing anyway.

and her owner.. oh well, nothing more.

she said kthxbai