Yi Ting has a bakery now?

Back with a craft-based blog post! :D

In their actual sizes again:

DSC06977 copy

First i introduce you my final product from thread and cloth: Angry Bird and the hideous green pig (LOL)! Was inspired to make this as my lil students LOVE Angry Bird to a surprising extend, and it was suppose to be a birthday present! After having failed attempts for a few times, they are finally born! I’m grateful although the bird look relatively innocent, though. And the purpose of making this was not to incur the wrath of the Bestfriend + Best Fighting Partner i.e. Ming Xiao. lol. Because it was me who pointed the resemblance between him and Angry Bird in the first place. BUT REALLY LOOK ALIKE PUN, KAN? *press down eyebags and run away*

DSC06987 copy

The collection of few weeks, resting on the pink and purple bench given by Jocelyn, my adorable student at student care centre. I had withdrawn the Disastrous Breakfast Series from the family because it was.. as the name suggested, disastrous. LOL.

So what am i venturing into for now? Tada tada, products from crepe paper, a very affordable material and it took forever for me to finish using them, because you only need a small amount at a time!


Yup! Miniatures again, this time is cake! Blueberry cake, Ice-cream cake, Vanilla sponge cake, Green tea cake and Black forest cake! Which is your favourite flavour? :D

To tell the truth i was quite satisfied with this series especially the Green Tea (the chocolate roll part) and Black Forest. The body of Black Forest look quite real, i suppose? Tehee~


Size comparison with the finger.


…and with the 10cent coin. Yup, the cake itself is actually smaller than a 10cent coin! Cute or what? HAHAHA *thick face thick face*

Who says you can’t open a bakery when you cannot bake at all? I can! HAHAHAHA (okay i know i’m crappy don’t punch me please)

Larger photo of cakes at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150288125029805&set=a.10150254364719805.346842.755189804&type=1&theater . You can also click the icons on my sidebar to link to the whole album. :)) Thanks everyone who gave the compliments, they were truly encouraging!

By the way, me and Shaunie randomly thought of this idea of starting a business selling our craft stuffs. Hahaha. Nevertheless i reckon the possibility is not really high considering the fact that both of us are starting class soon in September. Well, shall keep that in mind for the moment. It will be fun doing this with a best-bestie! :D Check out her blog, she made awesome stuffs!