Kiasu parents?

Oh i’m half way through my working life already, actually. O_O omigosh so fast!

And now i’m going to talk about this kiasu phenomenon among parents nowadays (kiasu = afraid to lose in Hokkien) Some, not all. Conclusion drawn from observation on my student.


Well, being a kids is not easy nowadays. At the age of 3 or so, they are already being sent by parents to learning centres. Yes, i do admit that kids learn thing very fast. If you ask me to pick up a new language like Japanese now i might took god-knows how many years to do so.  Nevertheless, sometimes it is just too much. The kids nowadays went to kindergarten like us in those days, but other than that they have to attend language classes (some even go to 2 centres for the same purpose!), Cambridge, mental arithmetic classes and so on.. my gosh! What are most of us doing when we were 3-years-old? Playing masak-masak? Playing barbie? And now we still grow up like a normal being which is not stupid, right?

In my case i was sent to kindergarten at the age of 2years-old++ and because the kindergarten was at 1st floor, i have to cry my lungs out and dash down to grab my mom whenever she dump me at the place (lol not that i remember so, my mom told me la okay). LOL. Oh the pathetic Little Yi Ting. HAHA. And my mom made me memorise the multiplication times table at a very young age also. Perhaps because of the reason that i was the only child before my baby bro landed on Earth and my mom was too free and have nothing better to do than torturing me (HAHAHAHA Sorry mommy, i know the word “torture” is inappropriate :P). However besides this, i was not sent to what-what language learning centres or Cambridge or MRC or whatever at that age. I picked up mental arithmetic and Tae-kwan-do at 9 secara paksa rela. And ever since calculator entered my life, i’d decided to embrace it and kick all my mental arithmetic skills away. For Tae-kwan-do? My friends doubted hard even when i show them the pic of my black belt. How sad. Pfft.

Dammit i should learn piano lor!

I’m giving myself as example because i want to prove that… i’m not saying all parents nowadays are kiasu. I mean, i understand their intention. I had undergone something similar and i am not mentally hurt, anyway. Parents just want the best for their children.

BUT, not all kids can be treated so! Some was so young and they can’t even learn much thing. All they do is shaking here and there all over the centre, and no matter how hard i try, they just can’t get the knowledge. They were 3 or 4, what can you expect? Yet some parents do not understand this. They put the blames on teacher when their child’s progress is slow. Please, is your own child, do you really need to push them that much?

And i have a student who i suspect have some speech problem. Apparently he most of his words made up of “ch” and he can’t pronounce consonant like “g” and “k”. For example, when he wants to say “ Teacher i want colour pencil” it will become “Chicher i an chala anchel” or something like that. His mind is forever at somewhere else and simply like to move around. Yet he is definitely not stupid! When he concentrate he can read a page full of Bahasa Malaysia without much mistake and it really made my jaw-dropped. Is his speech problem associated with tongue? Hope someone can enlighten me on this. I read on something related when i was learning the topic “Speech” in Oral Biology but i certainly didn’t know much about the related disease.


Anyway, went for a small Girls Day Out with my KK girls with a dinner at Espress @ Kota Kemuning. Everyone was here except darling Shaunie as the dinner unfortunately clashed with her class gathering..darling don’t feel guilty~ *hugs* Had a nice time chit-chatting again! :D And Mandy the Egg-Mayo-Sandwich Queen was surely annoyed by the Egg-Mayo-Bread-Without-Egg served at Espress. LOL~ The ambience was quite good, anyway. We are like the loudest table.. *hide face*

And went to Mid Valley to celebrate my ex roommate, Nadia’s 20th birthday! (Have to put the ‘ex’ word small small cuz she will emo if i keep on emphasising it :P) As usual, Secret Recipe cake with the movie “Hangover Part II”. HAHAHA THE MOVIE IS DAMN HAMSAP-LY HILARIOUS THAT’S WHY THEY SAY IS 18 ABOVE HAHAHA. Tried Snowflake for the first time too! Well, i would say it was quite satisfying but not till the extend of getting crazy over it. Just like Chatime. I don’t understand why some people can go like “OHMAIGOD LURVE LURVE LURVE” when they heard Chatime or Snowflake. I don’t have the sparks like the sparks i had when i send Penang Loh Mee and Melacca Satay Celup into my mouth. LOL.

And that’s all for the torture of feeding your eyes with words and words!


  1. gt the same feeling like you abt chatime n snowflake..cnt get excited eating or drinking them..haha..mb my tongue lack of some nerves normal person gt..hahaha..

  2. Exactly! They can't excite me that much until i want to eat them everytime i see them. Haha!


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