Imma Big Girl in Small World

Finally, my job as a teacher for one month has come to an end and i’m feeling….. just neutral. No extreme happiness or sadness. I’m damn relieved that i don’t have to drive everyday, though. I reckon this point contributed a lil to the “happiness” part. As for the “sadness” part… hmm.. probably i will miss my kids.. I do! They give me the happiness (and headache, haha) but generally there are quite lovable. :D

Students copy

My little little students at Xiao Dou Dou. And i think this was just.. around 1/3 of them?

Dealing with these kids was a task that truly require PATIENCE. This was especially true when you have students who still make mistakes after teaching them some simple words for gazillion times. Sometimes it really made you wanna get a glass beside you so that you could vomit out your blood in it. LOL. Nevertheless sometimes they looked so innocent that…. you didn’t even sampai hati to scold them! There were still so small, anyway, so couldn’t be blamed right?*dilemma* I have soft heart LOL.

Additionally, many of them were quite smart and their progress could really make you feel contented! :D


My little working space~


Kid’s favourite Angry Bird stickers!


Occasionally there were some sweet actions from them. One of the girls asked me to close my eyes as she want to doodle on my hand. And when i opened my eyes again, it was “I <3 U”~ and the girl was giggling shyly beside. Aww~

yee swen2yee swenYee Swen3Yee Swen 4

One of my top most favourite student, Yee Swen (Because i’m her favourite teacher too :P) An extremely adorable girl with our conversations were quite amusing at times. Like how she mentioned that she want to me a Mei Nv (Pretty women) when she grows up instead of occupations like teacher or doctors (my expected answers). Ahhh she is damn cute why don’t i have a younger sis like such?

Students1 copy

Students from another work place. And only few of them in this photo, by the way. Did not snap much photos at here. Haha.. And it was like everyday-new-drama at here. Reminded me of my primary school life anyway. And i wonder what was the last time i said “我不要跟你好”(i don’t want to befriend with you) or “我假假跟他好”(i pretend to befriend with him/her). It reminded me the Standard 3 days whereby Shaunie and Sheen Yeen were forever bickering over small things! Haha! Imagine me text one of them suddenly and say “I tell you ah, i beh song you, and 我不要跟你好", I think they will thought that i just knocked my head to the wall or something. lololololol.

And these students were damn noisy sometimes that it made you want to scream but the worse part was, even screaming doesn’t help. It will only last for 3 seconds, shorter than the duration of the effects of Minyak Angin on my pterion region. Haihhhh… but they could be really really really funny also. –.- *dilemma again*


The song which i had listened till i wanna puke: 严爵's 《好的事情》 because whenever i lend my phone to the girls, they will play this song.. My gosh @_@


Some other really sweet stuffs found in student’s autograph book! Walaowe! I feel like laughing when i saw this, but it was so so warm at the same time. Haha!

Hence, there goes my August! Two more weeks to the beginning of my Year2! And next week is going to be a week filled with plans (WHEEEEEE~)!! And and next next week is going to be a week without plans (NOOOO~)!!