I’m in Food Heaven

Yea, food food food… but inedible ones. LOL.

Is simply the 爱的结晶 (Product of Love?!) of me and Mr.Boredom. ;))

Note note: All photos are drag to such size which show the ACTUAL size of plushies!


Ice-creams of orange, chocolate and strawberry flavour. :P


My youngest bro laughed at my previous intention to make a domo-kun but failed tremendously. So, to PROVE HIM WRONG (and to 一雪前耻! Hmph!), I MAKE ONE DOMO-KUN NAO AND LET YOU SEE LAH!

The eyes are bigger than usual because..because..because it applied eyeliner. Is a trend, you know? And the some teeth is blunt because..because..because of attrition! Domo-kun also need to eat and the enamel and dentine will be wear off too! Say what?

*trying to cover imperfection*
Tee Yi Ting, shame on youuuuuu~


And the Pau family! Variety of pau-s! The green one is Siew-long Pau and the swiss-roll-alike thingie was suppose to be Man-tou. And the red dot on the Pau…well it was marked on purpose. I forgot which pau has red dot on them already. Char-siew? Haha..


Okay.. this is something i have not post on my Facebook profile yet.. I call this the “Disastrous Breakfast Series” because it was like you woke up in a wonderful morning with birds chirping at your window pane and when you prepare yourself to indulge in sumptuous breakfast, your maid with unsound mind made all these stuffs and it totally ruined your mood of the day. YES! When bread doesn’t look like a bread, hotdog doesn’t look like hot dog and fried egg doesn’t look like an egg (i wonder if anyone get to guess their identity correctly without me mentioning it T_T) Pathetic! But my soft heart pulled me from disposing them despite their ugly appearance.. :/

1st of August today! 1st day of start (or rather, continue) working! This is Teacher Yi Ting reporting from :::Inverted Hourglass:::!

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