Hi, I’m Teacher Yi Ting. :))

First week of work is officially over and i’m officially loving it! Or more precisely, loving them since i have two jobs. :P

First one was being tutor at Dandelion Student Care Centre (蒲公英托教中心) for those of upper primary. Job scope was checking on their homeworks (which make me AMAZED by how my BM and han yu pin yin rotted over the years. Oh well.) Kids were energetic and quite noisy but i love talking with them, especially the girls! And i don’t think they really treat me like a teacher anyway. I bet you wont take your school teacher’s phone and simply key in your phone number, and randomly phone her just for fun right? Oh that’s what they did to me. Haha! And add you on Facebook to kacau! Some even insisted to come my house to learn how to make the mini plushies. My god. Manalah i free, kan? lol. And occasionally some dramas will take place. Yikes. Sure need some time to understand them.

Second job was at Smart Little Beans Early Ready Centre (小荳荳三语阅读园地) for, generally, kids around 3-6 years old. And the kids are generally super cute i tell you. Most are quite obedient, some are very smart. Abby is the girl who is like dai-kah-jie and like to teach her peers (my lil assistant! Haha!). Zi Shao is the boy who like to talk like an adult and that’s the reason why i LOVE talking to him because is just so damn funny sometimes. LOL. Mr. Little-Adult! Haha! And there is this very pretty girl who called Yan Xing with her eyelashes longer than mine (how pathetic ughhhh). And many lil boys who are uber kawaii!! Not forgetting a girl named Yee Swen who told me that she likes to see me and said “I Love You” to me before i left.. OHMYGOSH how to resist? That’s so extremely sweet! <3

You know, i was once that KIUT before okay. Just that it was more than freaking 15 years ago. =__=!!


Ah, how time flies. Last time i scolded my youngest brother because he want me to tell him words by words in order to finish his essay. Now? He takes some “Basic in Olympiad Mathematics” books (which prepare people for National Olympiad Maths quiz) and ask me about those explanation in Maths language. Which normally make my jaw drop because i also don’t know the book ngap mat. LOL!

Ok now i present you my recent camwhore pic because it has been some time i show my recent face in blog post LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.


And tell you what, when i compare my face with the photo snapped last year, i realised i look OLD already. SAD TO MAX. Okay now you have no reason to say that i look like a 15-years-old Form3 girl anymore. At least got 18 years old now.

Good thing or bad thing? :/

Oh i’m training my brain to memorise the names of all my students (and all together from 2 centres.. maybe there are up to 40 or 50 of them. OMG!) No wonder teacher cannot remember all names in class last time. There are 2 types of students which teacher will remember their name: either you are super excellent or super naughty. And i can assure you that not all teachers who taught me know my name! I low-profile okay… Even my add maths teacher, Puan Ong, mentioned that i’m the most quiet ones among my (girl) gang in my autograph book [but my friends disagreed to that statement so much, they want to protest to teacher. Hahaha!].

I tell you i can remember one! Maybe i should start collecting names of coming dental juniors and memorise them, so if they can’t remember mine, THEY ARE GOING TO GET IT FROM ME! Bwahahaha! *devil tail emerging from butt*

No no i’m very angelic one. :)) *chop off devil tail and put on angel wing*

Ok enough of craps. Presenting you the pic of most recent sets of plushies i made: Sushi set! And, yeap, this is the actual size. Those ‘bamboo’ are toothpicks!



And i gotta work more on threads and needle because i promised my students to make one plushie for each of them. LOL!


  1. Looks like you enjoy teaching..nxt time cn be lecturer in UM ady..hahaha..

  2. lol~ because i like kids lah.. students of our age not easy to handle la, all sleep in class, so sad weih. hahaha!

  3. Halo leng lui who call me Aunty! or Ah-mah! Hahaha~ :P


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