Google Rules My World!

This was the outcome from some random conversation with my youngest bro in the car from hometown back to KK.

I realised Google ruled my world! Why is it so? Let see..

#1: Google Search the searching engine


I believe when you face difficulties in assignment or encounter some alien words in lecture notes, first thing you want to do will be search for it online (or at least that’s what i will do). So when you open your browser, which website would you go for this purpose? Most people will choose Google, right? You will ask tell your friend “Aiya, dono this nevermind, go Google it lah” instead of “go Yahoo it lah” or “go MSN it lah”, right?? Google search is always my first choice compared to other searching engines, which i spent almost nil time using them. When i need information for assignment, Google; when i want to find definition for medical terms, Google (yea i don have a medical dictionary. lol.); when i want to look for random pictures, GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH. :D

#2: Chrome the browser


When i first got my PC, i use Internet Explorer (when the world says Mozilla is better but i’m just too lazy to change). When i got my laptop, i started to abandon IE and embrace Mozilla Firefox instead (Not forget to mention that the IE in my laptop is behaving extremely weirdly. There are two IE icons on my desktop, with one is Internet Explerer somemore, which cannot be deleted like ordinary icons! *creepy*). Nevertheless as time pass by, the spoilt brad Mozilla which got too much love from me start to enter phase of adolescence and behave like any teenagers out there: being disobedient! It crash easily and whenever it do so, it certainly pissed me off because i have the habit of open multiple tabs at once. So if it is CRASHED, i need to look for the webpage one by one again. Pfft. So now, i’m a loyal user of Google Chrome (and it was just few months back. lol~). Dear Chrome, don’t misbehave like Mozilla okay?

#3 Gmail the e-mail


Yup, Gmail. All these while i was actually using my hotmail instead (with a funny name of yiting.pinkrox which means ‘pink rox’. Oh yeah, pink memang rocks pun. :P) However since i only log in to check mail once in a century (ok lah exaggerate sikit but you know what i mean lah), the notifications from Facebook, spams, etc. always make my whole hotmail account lag [imagine that when you open your letter box and 1000 unread letter come pouring down on you. LOL. I think that’s what my hotmail account had encountered]. And again, it certainly pissed me off. So now i’m switching to my Gmail account again, with a more formal e-mail address, no spams, and more for formal usage like earning money (will blog about this when the deal is confirmed!). So people, contact me through instead!


#4: Blogger the blog


YES! Definitely not forgetting this, Blogger! Or else.. well, you won’t even be reading this. Haha~ My first blog was actually set up in Wordpress instead, but due to my noobness of not knowing how to upload multiple photos in a single post (lol), i decided to switch to blogspot and i would say i REALLY love it! The html codes are not too hard to understand if you put some effort, thus it is quite easy to design the layouts. :)) Nevertheless i’m not blogging directly from Blogger but use this programme called Window Live Writer, the computer programme that rocks my world next to Photoshop :D

#5 Picasa the photo editor


Besides loving Picasa Picture Viewer to bits (it is damn cute. Can zoom in zoom out with mouse easily XD), Picasa is the programme i use for basic editing of my photos. I’m quite particular with the lighting and contrast of photos, thus most of the photos i captured will be edited unless it is already in perfect lighting. Picasa is what i normally used for this purpose, and i will proceed to Photoshop if i’m still not satisfied with the outcome. By the way, removing pimples and wrinkles with photo-editting software is cheating, BUT touch-up photos to make it in better lighting or colours is NOT CHEATING, PLEASE. I totally loath those people which loath edited photos, claiming it as not original and “you are not having a good photography skill, you just know how to edit”. EDIT PHOTO IS ALSO A SKILL OKAY. If you don’t have the skill then just shut up please. In my opinion, it is totally okay to touch up photos as well as it is not over-edited with all sorts of flowery wording, extreme contrast and over-exposed until the outline of photo can’t even be viewed clearly.


Back to the Google talk. Owh! So what’s the next Google product which will rule my world? Hmm.. now they are having this social networking website called Google Plus. Will it eventually substitute the position of Facebook in my heart, just like how Gmail substituted hotmail and Chrome substituted Mozilla Firefox? So i change to Google+ Queen instead of Facebook Queen (the former sounds damn weird lol)? Haha! We shall see. 


Yet for the time being, i shall continue have my eyes glued at Facebook again. NO ONE CAN FREAKING STOP ME FROM FACEBOOK, NOT EVEN EXAMS. Bwahaha!


By the way all these are purely my own opinion, it is not an advert for Google, and Google (sadly) didn’t pay me for it. LOL. :P


    like this sentence..haha..

  2. Facebook is already something like sleeping and eating for me. XD Unless i'm at somewhere without internet connection LOL

  3. haha..i don think google+ nw cn replace the position of facebook in ur heart..


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