When Fisherman and Strepsils fight.

Ahh where should i start.

Hmm, oh oh, had found a job and went to work (like, finally man!) last Saturday and substituted Hui En for her job on Monday as she might need to start her class immediately at UCSI for Pharmacy. So suddenly i thought i will be back leading the life of old aunty who wake up early morning, take her Milo and start reading newspaper. LOL. Nevertheless some stuff changed and i will be leading such life starting in August! I’m employed i’m employed i’m employed ($$$$$). Oh well, i’m not that money-minded la okay. :P

Which also means i have around 1 and half week to do my holiday projects with those scattering colour papers / crepe papers / colourful clothes / needle & threads yada yada yada scattering on my table.

And now these thing have new companies: a toilet paper roll, lozenges, feng you, big bottle of water.. because i’m sick! :(((

Sad to max la okay. Feeling lil feverish, having sorethroat and flu, and most of all, muscle pain everywhere. :((

Consequence of ice-skating? I don’t really think so.

Oh ya! Went for my 1st ice-skating (despite the fact that Sunway Pyramid was only 15 minutes from my home and used to be the HQ for KK Kaki-s after SPM. Wulala.). Because Jun Yi’s face is so big, i have to give face to him and stepped into the ever-feared skating ring! (I have this trauma of falling down to the extend that i rather drive with my lousy skill than cycling. Seriously. But my driving skills are improving since I was allowed to drive to work :D)

And i survived in skating ring in the end! Although first few round was definitely pathetic, it scare me off my pants (well, literally) when i need to go across the ring as some section was closed *horror*. Luckily Jing Shyuan was there to rescue! Nevertheless, at last i managed to ice-walk (yea, they say i’m not ice-skating, just ice-walking) without support. Wheee~


Nah! The evidence! Don’t say i make this out again.. (like how they say i make my black belt out myself)


The evidence that i got black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and i did not sew it myself! Hmph hmph! Smelly Fanxu

Currently taking both Fisherman lozenges and Strepsils and pharynx lozenges purchased from clinic. Wulala. I don’t care la. Just swallow them all and let them play “one-two-jus” in my stomach and decide who kill the virus that cause my illness la. This is called 良性竞争 in Chinese. Yay. lol.

And since my muscles are aching, the only part i want to move is my fingers and the only place i want to stick my eyes at is the laptop screen. All hail Facebook, man.

*back to dizzy mode*