The Tak-boleh Edu System in This Boleh-land


Have always been thinking of this. Life is UNFAIR, especially when it comes to this topic.

No, i’m not complaining of myself. I’m a damn lucky human who got the offer to government matriculation and it went so smoothly, i got my first choice for IPTA, namely Bachelor of Dental Surgery in University of Malaya. As well as i can maintain the pace i’m having now, i will be a graduating as a dentist and that will tell you how i spent the rest of my life. I’m damn lucky and i appreciate that.

And i’m counting out the cases of students who already planned to enrol to private collages or universities since their high school life. Those who have enough financial support to do so, those who are lucky enough to secure a scholarship to do so (even JPA scholarship is UNFAIR lah okay. Pfft. Skip this.). I’m speaking of those who wish to grab a place in local university.

Almost half of those in my high school gang are STPM-er and i always feel unfair for them.

Look, they are not any worse than any of us who are already have a place in Uni. We are all born in this land, but why some people could just fool themselves into uni and some struggled so damn hard but couldn’t get what they wish. It is no longer about HOW SMART ARE YOU TO GET INTO LOCAL UNIVERSITY but HOW LUCKY ARE YOU. Luck is like the root of all god damn things. My friend told me that even 5A’s STPM students could only get their 6th choice in IPTA and i was like.. What The Frigging Hell?

So please don’t blame those who leave the country for a better place. They are not selfish, but simply going somewhere better than having themselves stuck at a place which does not appreciate them. 人才外流? Why don’t you look at the existing system before putting blames on your own people?

I’ve seen my own friends struggling for STPM, sacrificed so much but still got heart stabbed twice: once by the STPM result, once by the result of IPTA intake. Some even get courses which are not people of their pointer belongs to. That’s the difference between matriculation and STPM!

Matrics is not as easy as what commonly think, mind you. It is as hard, as torturing, BUT i have to admit it is definitely relatively easy to get perfect pointers, and for people to make their way to critical courses. How about STPM-er? Why do them have to struggle more but couldn’t embrace their dream at the end of the day? We are all born in the same year, same land, and got different treatment,

just because of LUCK?

What the hell weih? Seeeeeriously?