Stamped: This is a Passenger.

Yeap, I’m going around with the word “This is a Passenger” stamped on my forehead. I can lift my fringe and show you. LOL.

Because generally, i don’t really drive.

Although i’m already qualified to take off the seems-to-be-shameful-and-a-sign-of-“come-and-bully-me P sticker of the car, i did not do so.

Because generally, i don't really drive.

Once in a while, yes. Sometimes my mom will train me to drive to Bukit Tinggi Jusco or USJ area, provided that she’s in the car. I had never been granted permission to drive out of Kota Kemuning alone.

Things is gonna be harder especially after the my relatives’ recent involvement in car accidents. Thank God they were not badly injured. And i guess my mom would be even unsure to let me roam around with my manual Wira now. :/

Nevertheless i will be driving to work in next month! Practise make perfect, right? right right?

And another thing which act as negative catalyst in the experiment entitled Persuading Yi Ting’s Mon to Let Her Drive was: I barely has sense of direction. My God.

I think maybe i know the way from Kota Kemuning to UM but still doubtful of the direction from UM to Kota Kemuning. Funny, isn’t it? Because i dozed off like some pig almost immediately whenever i’m in the car leaving UM to home.

I don’t think i know how to come back from Mid Valley to UM. Hmm..

I think i know how to go to SS2. But where’s the location of Murni? Hmm.. let me think…

Hopeless, i know. TToTT

At home, parents are my drivers.

With KK Kaki, it will never be my turn to drive because all of the others can drive and i can just hop on on any cars. And my top most loyal driver (which i must credit) is CHEW SHEEN YEEN! Because my butt land on her passenger seats for almost 100 times! (extremely touched face)

With Fanxu gang, the situation that require me to drive will even be nearer to nil. I know the Kuching-Kancil-Gang would think 100 times before hopping into my car (it-was-a-manual-kancil-and-there-was-a-slope-so-it-IS-difficult-so-you-cant-blame-me-what??). In UM, Khai Kent will be the top most loyal driver because i think all coursemates shed their dead skin cells in his 3100-sexy-black-MingXiao’s-dream-car before. And in September, tada tada, more guys want to join the profession as drivers so i can just lay back and enjoy the comfort as passenger again… yay~ love you guys lah. Hahaha!

I know i’m very dependent. Don’t shoot me with a look like that.. *shy*

I’m actually OKAY in driving. Seriously. Just the parking problem. SEEEEERIOUSLY! TRUST ME TRUST ME! ToT

So before ending this random post, i want to thank all the drivers in my life, including my dad, my mom, KK friends especially Sheen Yeen, occasionally CKK, Mandy, Shaunie, Pehge, Jacky,  Fanxu gang guys especially Kent, Junyi, MX (160km/hr. Imba.). Lastly, not forgetting…..the train drivers working for KTM.

Terima Kasih kepada KTM walaopun aku perlu tunggu sangat lama kerana tanpa KTM, aku tak dapat pigi Midvalley la, Times Square la, Subang la.. banyak banyak tempat lagi dan kalau aku tak pigi tempat-tempat tersebut, kuranglah entertainment aku and boring la saya. Terima kasih banyak-banyak tapi boleh kah tambah banyak train sikit? Gila aku nak tunngu train setengah jam dan perlu dikempis (?!) macam sardin lagi. Spinal cord pun nak putus lah.

OK total random paragraph of Malay words. LOL.