Potatoes in Meow-Meow Land!

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The meow-meow land, Kuching here i come again! After my last visit during Standard 6.. How time flies and how i had grown older! Here we come, the fanxu gang, to bring some noise to here. And seriously, we ARE noisy. So noisy that i reckon that 10 rows of passengers can hear our conversation in the plane to Kuching.. Paixe nia.. >o<


Lunch of 1st day: Tomate Kuey Teow. Taste like Wa Dan Ho at KL added with tomato sauce. Quite a different taste compared with typical Wa Dan Ho.. :)

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Visited the state museum afterward for the air-cond. LOL. The merciless sun was so mean to us on the first day, killing our skin cell one by one with its uv rays! No~


Dental 5 Tigers in Kuching! Roarr!


Me and the funny statue.. Haha..


The main laughing point here is not Terrence but the poster behind. And it is not due to how the character pose or whatever, it the amazement of how our knowledge in History fade with time. Our History teachers must be vomiting blood now. Haihh.. bunch of hopeless teenagers.. :P This Masahor guy must be sobbing in his tomb now. Sob sob sob..


Had little snacks at a hawker centre and ordered this: Gong Piah. The filling is some sweet minced pork. Personally like the fillings (because it is sweet! I have sweet tooth. :P) but the outer layer was quite thick and hard to be chewed. Will be nicer if it is thinner and crispier! :)

Next up, since we are in Kuching, must snap photos with cats!


Cat at the middle of the road.





Fanxu @ Kuching! It would be perfect if Xuan Lin is here with us. She was representing UM for chess competition and have no choice but to sacrifice this trip and she didn’t expect it to clash with the competition.. Never mind, sis, we understand that! :) Glad to hear that she got silver for the competition. Congrats! :D


Our cute cute tour guide, Nadia Chong i.e. my siao poh roommate! :D


Dinner of first day: at Nadia’s home with her mommy’s cooking! Thanks so so much for the hospitality! Nadia even lend her cars for us and it was definitely helpful to the trip. Terima kasih banyak-banyak~


Group pic in front of the big solo cat. Wahahaha…


Breakfast of Day2: Kolo mee, a delicacies of Sarawak. I like the “red” type very much! And before this breakfast, i got pranked by Kent and Ming Xiao that Nadia’s car was missing.. Early in the morning i was woke up by these naughty people who want to copy from One FM’s “Wan Dou Lei”! Now you tell me, do i have reason to scold people now? Hmph!


Saga gang (top) vs. Kancil gang (bottom). :P

Next up, Cultural Village! The road to it was pretty cute because it was so straight, perhaps you can try driving it with eyes closed. LOL. Yet unfortunately enough, it was RAINING! >.< The sky is extremely kind to us today, maybe it is too sad after listening to our complaint of the bad sun on previous day. :X


Camwhore before the cultural show starts! :P


One of the funny performer who has pattern banyak-banyak.. LOL~


The steep stairs. One of the characteristics of traditional houses in Sarawak.


From top: Chinese house, Malay house, Melanau house, Orang Ulu house, Penan house.


Next destination was the Cat Museum. Just come collection regarding cats. Shall bring the cat lover, Ms Shaunie here next time! Haha..


This is cute! So round.. Hahahaha…


Look at the last row! I know we are beh paixe.. The occupation is “Artist” somemore.. @.@


Spent our late evening walking around places near the hotel.. This is one of the oldest temple, and we made so much noise until people shoo-ed us. Oops. :X


Shopped at the bazaar and this is one of the hottest item among us: The sagu snack! Haha.. Knew the existence of it since my last visit and told myself to buy it again! Not because it was heavenly tasty, but you just can’t find it at the Peninsula. Haha..


Dinner at 101. My dinner was near awful, i barely can finish half of it. Nevertheless the food in pic above balanced out my discontented heart ! This is the fried burger , which is actually a normal burger wrapped with a crispy layer similar to fried popiah but is it nice! Yummehhh~


Walked at the park with Cheng Ho’s statue after dinner.. Thinking of the satays in stomach.. @.@ Later on we visited a Starbuck nearby to do business (HAHAHAHA) and to our surprise, the Starbuck does not have coffee because the machine was spoilt. What the? o.O

The night in hotel was spent with satay and alcoholic drinks AND witness how Ming Xiao turn into Angry Bird because his face was REAL red. LOLLLL!



Breakfast of 3rd day: Sambal Laksa which taste very similar to Curry Mee… Or maybe it IS Curry Mee anyway, just that it has different name at different place, like how “Hokkien Mee” stand for different thing in KL and Penang.


Destinasi seterusnya: Fairy Cave!

P1220939 copy

Undoubtedly beautiful. Natural sunlight give this view. Too bad my camera was not doing the good job at another view of the cave facing the sunlight, it was so unsatisfactory and i deleted most of it. It turn out to be a bright-thing-surrounded-by-black-thing-alike photo, which is so not doing a favour to the nice scenery.


Other views in the cave. Make sure to bring torch light or any device with light to here!


And our next thing to do was pay a visit to our cousin Orang Utan. And it was quite disappointing at first because we could only see 2 Orang Utans, 1 big spider, 1 big mosquito killed by Terrence, and few silly stony crocs. LOL. Luckily on the way out, it was the feeding time and we get to walk a short distance to see more Orang Utans. LOL.


Hi cousins.


Snapshot of the Saga gang from our Kancil! Haha!


Fata Hotel.. It was quite good, despite the fact that the girls room have a slight cigar smell (which can be adapted quite fast, anyway) and for unknown reason, the guy room have donut smell.. Seriously? Or their sweat smell so nice, and when the sweat of 5 person were all mixed up, it became donut smell?!?!

P1230029 copyP1220858 copyP1230081 copy

Waterfront of Kuching. A must-visit place if you were here, especially for photography lovers! Came here on Day2 and Day3 because it was quite near the hotel and tada, these are the different looks of the building with different lighting! Magnificent isn’t it?

On the 3rd day, as the Saga gang was away to buy some lost souvenirs (I have no idea why the guys kept losing their souvenirs), the Kancil gang took a boat ride to the opposite of river (Sungai Sarawak! Neither Sg. Rajang nor Sg. Santubong! So Neither Ming Xiao nor Nadia got it right as both of them were betting over this. XD). 

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Beautiful sunset.. :))

The 3rd night at Kuching was spent pillow-talking! Now this is the REAL pillow-talk rather than looking at one person doing all sort of silly stuffs. Wahahahaha!


Breakfast of Day4: Sarawak Laksa! The Laksa that some people claimed to be black-pepper soup. LOL. It has much black pepper but it was not spicy. Worth trying because it is something different. :)


The Yao Cha Guai with kaya as filling (if not mistaken) and i totally LOVE this! LOL. I think i really have sweet tooth. :P


Stupid and sweaty bimbo look with Jun Yi’s shades at hot spring. LOL. Just a place to sooth your legs, no nice scenery. Haha.


Last meal at Kuching, Spicy Noodle (麻辣面). Mine was still okay but Adeline’s was burning spicy! Haha! Nevertheless, forgetting who mentioned this at first, it really taste a bit like the Chee Cheong Fan at KL! Haha..


Finally, on the plane back KL! Still want to play cards in the plane.. O_O

And i was dead tired afterwards, i slept for 12 hours again. On the last day i was so tired (aftermath of pillow talk), i could sleep in any moving vehicle, be it car or plane. Haha.

Once again, thanks Nadia for everything! And the Potato-People too.. Trips is always fun with this bunch of silly people, they can even make place like museum to have something to laugh with.. like labelling the wrong hero, noticing sensitive part of statues, making prank calls, etc.. Haha!

And July is here, 2 and a half more months to roll!

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