of Cash and Toilet Papers!

money large

It was a sweaty evening when i was just done burning tiny bit of fats with rope jumping and suddenly, my hand reach for a calculator and i start knocking the button to calculate something: the money i’d spent in this holiday. Well, not exactly. What i was doing was calculating money spent on 2 vacations in June, i.e. Penang trip and Kuching trip. And all together, it was approximately RM200 for Penang and RM300 for Kuching. And it is all my own money, or more specifically my salary from the job as General Clerk 2 years back (Hell ya. Aku manusia yang tak guna wang sendiri. Ish ish). Feeling guilty of having my dad’s wallet in agony again, i decided to pay for my own entertainment (except for the flight ticket). But still, it is MONEY flowing out from moi!


Spending money like how you use toilet paper for your butt!

And i have not calculate how much cash i had got from my dad for all the shopping, movies, cheong-k, gatherings etc. Although i admit i’m quite a good girl who is not blinded by branded stuffs. :D

July is here and as promised to myself, i SHOULD get a job. Because i have been spending last 2 months of holidays really holidaying. Had gatherings with different bunch of friend, went for family vacation once, went for friends vacation twice (and all the vacations are one week interval from each other somemore. No wonder some says i’m having a great holiday because i seems to be attacking many places.. bwahahaha), doing artistic things that i enjoy very much, etc.

Not forgetting to complain about boredom. And it is not going to stop. I will keep complaining it until new semester starts and i start complaining how hectic it is. Yada yada yada. Perhaps i should widen my vocab to describe the word “B.O.R.E.D”. :D

Am i the ONLY ONE who is enough of holidays and quite de-se-pe-rate to start classes? I mean, i don’t really love study life THAAAAAAAAT much but at least i don’t feel so useless? Hmm.

So after telling all these craps of me don’t want to be useless and my money flowing out bla-bla-as-if-it-concern-you-because-is-not-your-money-pun-lol, I just want to say:


Ooops. Wrong one. Should be “I NEED a job” instead.

And one thing about me? I’m lazy. Don’t say i’m not lazy because “you-are-definitely-hardworking-or-else-you-wont-be-doing-well-in-exam-blabla-whatever-crap” BECAUSE lazy bug lives in every single person around you. And my youngest bro knows me. He referred me as “when she say she want to get something to do, she doesn’t mean to get a job, but getting more drama series to be watched”. He’s looking down at me but i couldn’t deny the element of truth in his words… *turn back at a corner and bertaubat. amitabha* [Frankly, in my mind, i thought of watching the Hong Kong drama Ghetto Justice (怒火街头)recommended by Nadia, and perhaps Korean drama Mary Stayed Out All Night (玛丽外宿中). *bertaubatlah*]

I actually got some other wild holiday plans churning in my brain but i’m unsure of turning them into reality.


Like getting a friend or two to snap snap and chill out at Bukit Tinggi (Berjaya Hills).


Or even have some fat-burning session with jungle trekking at the National Park!


Or make it nearer, let’s conquer Broga Hill? :D

Nevertheless, i’m quite a random person, some thought might just pop up when i bathe and fade out after bathing for a few more times. LOL. And and it might re-pop up again when i was brushing my teeth. Heeee.

Plans aside (GOSH WHAT AM I THINKING? WASTE MONEY AGAIN AR?), Yours Truly shall be starting her job-hunting soon, good luck to me for some good news! (F.Y.I, i planned to start looking for it TODAY but ended up delaying it, giving multiple excuses to myself. FAIL. :X)