Mini Onigiri~

Previous blog post was too crappy so i need kick it away with a new blog post. Ha ha ha!

Nevertheless i did mention some updates about me in it, so if you want to kepoh about my life, go read it lor..

*slap myself*


I think i did mention before that i really really REALLY REALLY *gasp for air* REALLYYYY LURVEEEE mini mini tiny things. Miniatures are so damn cute. Things of small scales can make my heart melt into puddles and dislocate from my thorax cavity. Awwww~


I decided to make some of my own.. and my first attempt was onigiri! :D

Not because i love it so much (my close acquaintance should know that i don’t really eat Japanese food. Nevertheless, i guess my acceptance towards sushi actually widened a lil. And tempura is niceeee~ ok ok back to topic), but because.. it looks easy to be made. :P


And tada! The product! In case you are wondering their size, this is the comparison with a 10 cents coin:



I’m lovin’ it! Anymore suggestion of food that can be made? :D

Larger size of photo at: