D.I.Y Toothie-Baggie.

Ignoring the unnecessary “ie”-s behind the terms in my title (just want to sound cute. LOL. Slap me.), this is one of my holiday project that held me back from job-hunting secara bersungguh-sungguhnya (as like, no work no life like that). I recycled an old dusty jeans bag, dug out from a bookshelves which is probably colonised by a bunch of bookworms living happily ever after in it.


Not the one which i bring for outing occasionally. This is an even older one, it smells like salted fish. Or something like that lah.

And this is my masterpiece with some D.I.Y deco-s:






Close-ups for more stories":

DSC06403 copy

Introduce you the Happy-Toothie-Family*must-control-myself-from-overuse-the-‘ie’-thingy*: The big molar, accompanied by small canine and small incisor. Erm, which race does this dentition belongs to? Hmmm… And if you are a dental student and is rolling in boredom due to this unbelievably long holidays and you are free sangat-sangat and you are desperate in looking for something to do although it is idiotic…… you can start recognising the teeth in pic above.. Molar is 36? 46? 37? 47? Incisor look like 11 a bit *look at the distally inclined root!* As for canine, i pun tak tau apa macam lol.

*Gasp* Totally lame. Oh well.

Moving on, close-up of the key-chain:


First cacat-ed plushie+keychain made by Your Truly, ever! I know it looks damn unprofessional but what do you expect from clumsy hands of mine. Note: i took the Perniagaan module for Kemahiran Hidup in high school, not ERT, so don’t blame me! *innocent-face*

Nevertheless i still like it because it has my last name on it. And the ribbon-girl, which you can see, colonising almost every corner of this blog. *look at the blog-icon, roll up to the header, now look at the side-bar title, oh there is one in the background, AHHAAA!*. It is sort of my trademark icon since Form 2 which explains the ribbon although i’m already an old 20-years-old old-old GIRL. Not i want to act kiutt okay…


Original version. Saja want to post it here because the background is nice LOL.

And i made another keh-leh-feh also:


Chocolate ice-cream! Look like Top-Ten or not? LOL.

And the story of how it was born was: i was intending to make a Domo-kun before i realise the mouth i made was too narrow to fit 4 teeth. So, the light-bulb hit my brain and asked me to transform this into ice-cream instead. Innovative kan? Heeeeeee..


Domo says: “Whyyyy yuu dowan to make mieee? I emo liaoo. TT.TT”

(Might) Coming up soon: D.I.Y headband and mini t-shirts. I’m lovin’ it!