Bathe in Bak Kut Teh yo!

The title sounds weird. Well, quite. Simply wanna add some words in front of Bak Kut Teh which signify this place called Klang!

Yes! After a fortnight since Kuching trip, here i am, pack my stuffs again, to run away from home! :P

(Proves that my maximum period of bearing with continuous-butt-stuck-at-home-mode can only last for around 1 week since holiday starts. XD)


3rd meeting with KMK sisters in this holiday. This time, i became the assistant tour guide (sort of lah) for other Selangorian sisters from other district. Tehee. Started our day by doing some chit-chatting at Bukit Tinggi Jusco before stopping by at Hui Yi’s house and proceed for our dinner here:


And OHMAIGOSH, all 6 of us owe Hui Yi’s parents a super-duper BIG THANK YOU for the meal! *Tears*

Her parents ordered so many delicious seafood (seafood seafood seafood seafood omigosh sotong sotong sotong ahhhh *insane mode*) for us which is really satisfying for both the taste bud and tummy! I’m considering a re-visit to here with my family since i could remember the direction. Thumbs up!

Spent our night at Hui Yi’s place with Lee Hom’s movie, Lian Ai Tong Gao (恋爱通告). Finally i could watch the whole movie after multiply attempts to watch it but never get to finish it due to incomplete buffering. :X Music dude is as adorable and amazing as usual. *melt into puddles*

Next morning (like, really really morning), we got up to have Klang’s delicacy, Bak Kut Teh as breakfast at here:


Being a half-Klang people (Kota Kemuning is in Shah Alam but don’t look Shah Alam-ish at all. In fact, my high school, SMK Kota Kemuning, is under Klang! So should i be considered a half-Klang people? Hmm.), I actually do not went around trying Bak Kut Teh at diffrent places in Klang very frequently. So this is my first time visiting this place and i would say it was not bad! Except the fact that, as the soup was placed in bowl instead of putting it in nga pou, it was not warm enough for me and thus causing less excitement to my taste bud.

No, i’m totally normal, not kinky enough to the extent of killing my own taste bud with 100 degree celcius liquid or whatsoever. LOL. Yet, if it is warmer, it will definitely be better!

After having it, we spent around 2 hours talking like 7 old aunties reminiscing their life in 1970’s, accompanied by Chinese tea. If one of us hold a newspaper with those thick round specs resting on nose, eyes squeezed to the width of thread at the direction of small letters of newspaper… ahh~ THAT would be purrrr-fect! XD

But soon after it we transformed back into typical teen which attacked GreenBox @ Bukit Tinggi Jusco for Cheong K. And sadly (EXTREME SAD I WANT TO CRY OREDI),  many hot latest songs was not in the list. No ET, no Last Friday Night, no Charice, no 忐忑 (SAD MAX!), etc. Nevertheless i eventually still solo-ed one of the mic because i know most of the song! Can i be qualified as Karaoke machine already? *Blinking eyes hard* And, holy, i DID NOT lose my voice at the end of the day. Wulala! I LOVE CHEONG K! Absence of latest song cannot affect my mood!

*frigging kiam-pa proud face*



Yup! My room @ home! Brought them to my house for awhile. :)) From right, Peh Ge and Hui Yi on 2nd row, and Xuan Lin, EJ, Wei Ling, Ying Sze on front row. Heee.


Also went to Peh Ge’s house which also in KK. Wulala love the natural sunlight effect on us! :P

And that’s for our 3rd round! Peace out!