Women’s Dollar $_$

One of the all companies’ favourite subgroup of homo sapien must be this category of people called women. This is especially true for those investing in fashion, skin care, or anything associated to the operation of turning ugly ducklings into white swam. As well as there are women or ladies or girls, that is the source of money outflow!

It is holiday now and many people, especially girls, will turn into a shopaholic. Screw the wallet, i want it to be empty yo! (oh wait, we have credit cards. XD). FORTUNATELY, i’m only a window-shopaholic. Haha. I love strolling in shops, observing the clothes or shoes with my itchy hand, and that’s all. Sometimes when i want to buy something, i have to think real long. And that is why i actually hate buying clothes for the purpose of Chinese New Year! Like forcing yourself to make decision! ToT


There's a saying that “Women’s wardrobe always lack of a cloth”, and being a girl (i don’t consider myself as.. er.. woman?), i can tell you it is true! When you thought of purchasing a dress of this design, you looked for it in the malls, and finally purchase it. Yet it is not the end yet, because ANOTHER dress of ANOTHER design will pop up in your brain, waving to you with an evil smirk. And sometimes, after wearing the same clothes for outings a few times (even with different bunch of friends), you would be relatively reluctant to pick that cloth again for the next and next-next outing, fearing that people might thought “whats-wrong-with-this-people-keep-wearing-the-same-cloth-no-cloth-to-wear-meh?” When the fact was, people wouldn’t actually remember what you wear after mixing with so many people!

So the root of problem is not how people recognise your dress or skirt of blouse, but your own! (Ahh, that’s me. I’m so bored with my clothes and sometimes i even do some treasure-hunting in mom’s wardrobe. LOL. Why don’t i have a sister?)


HOWEVER, although you knew that the root of problem is yourself, you still couldn't resist those cute dresses!!! I want these dresses! *watery eyes*

shoe rack

Same thing goes for shoes. I once have up to 6 pairs of shoes in my hostel! And i swear I'm not the worst, because the amount of shoes arranged outside some of the room is enough to get a stall at the night market! From boots(S), heels(S), sandals(S), slippers(S), sport shoes, wedges(S)… you name it! Because you need to match shoes with occasion and your clothes or accessories or handbag or blah blah blah. Personally i couldn’t accept myself loitering in Mid Valley with slippers. Again, not everyone would probably notice it because not everyone walk with heads down as if he is looking for lost gold on the floor (old people sayings. haha.), but it really make a difference! At least to my height! :P


Next thing, we have hair. Sometimes, we want it short; Sometimes, we want it straight; Sometimes, we want it curly! Poor disulphide bonds of the hair, there are altered here and there for the sake of women! On top of that, there’s one more thing that even the Blogger is into it: hair dyeing! It can be really addictive. Frankly speaking i don’t want my hair to be black again (my black roots are out but there are not really ugly besides my dyed hair look like highlighted hair now especially at the fringe region ha ha ha whatever), but i’m controlling my urge to re-dye my hair. At least, i shall wait it grow to certain length and more than 6 months before i last dyed it. Nevertheless, some people can hardly endure the presence of black roots and address them as the “ugly-black-roots”. The melanin in the hair must be sobbing at the corner now. Sob sob sob.

We are not at fault, we are just….


…yea! women!

BTW, these fingers are mine. Real fingers, real nail polish, fake letters. My nails are purple-pink-purple-pink-purple but they are not distinguishable here. LOL. Pink & Purple, Pink & Purple.. (*hum along the rhythm of “Black & Yellow”*. Eww. I don’t really like that song. It sound like “F*king yellow f*king yellow” instead of “black & yellow” to me when i heard it for the first few times. >.<)

So yea.. one more thing that women concern about is the nails. Manicure & pedicure! I’m not really into this, anyway. Just bought some cheap nail paint to be fooled with. Not forgetting things like handbag, make-ups (which include mascara, pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, eyebrow-pencil, powder foundation, liquid foundation, BB-cream, concealer, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, blusher, fake eyelashes AND GAWD-THERE-ARE-TOO-MANY-TO-NAME *surprisingly i could list out a lot. Hah!*), slimming centre, hair accessories (hair pin, hairband, hair clip…..*ok i shall stop*), earrings, necklaces, bracelets, yada yada yada..

Seriously, WOMEN!

And i’m one of them! Hah! A slightly mutated one, perhaps. I’m not too into some of the aspects. :P

Shopping, anyone? :D