Sew it!





Craps aside, i found something new to be venture in for this holiday! Yup, picking up needles and thread after Kemahiran Hidup class in Form 1. As far as i could recall, the last thing i D.I.Y-ed out of clothes was my batu seremban back in Form 1. Oh my, I could still remember the enthusiasm of the whole class towards this traditional game! When teachers were away, or during co-curricular time, you could easily see many tiny rice-in-packets flying up and down in the air. Haha!

And this time, i decided to make this thing called the cutleries holder. Inspired by some of my coursemates who made this to put their forks and spoons whenever we came down the dining hall for meals. Though of making one for myself some time ago as i kept loosing the plastic bag used to place my cutleries. Nevertheless, the though faded away with all the assignments and exam, not mentioning how the Lazy Bug parasite a big portion of my brain!

And on the wonderful rainy evening, a light bulb jumped and leapt in my study room and accidentally knock my brain and “Aha!”, time to do something better than mourning how pathetically boring is my life without outings!


The front view. With my favourite combination of colours, i.e. pink and white. Not forgetting YiTing’s favourite item: Big Ribbon!


Better look of the ribbon. Every threads were poked into the clothes by myself, not using any machine. I understand the messy look, but well, it look more kiddish-ly cute right? HAHAHA!


The back. I have my name on it! *proud face*

It took me the whole evening and night, and i believe it can be done within an hour (or maybe 30 minutes) if i were using a machine. It was time-consuming to make this with own hand, but my intention was to kill time, what? So…. hahahahaha… :P

P/s: Sewing can be a channel to transfer AIDS because i keep poking my fingers. LOL. *suck thumb*

Shall get more inspiration after Kuching trip. Cannot let my cerebrospinal fluid to keep evaporating!