Penang Attack, Wohoo!

After having minor headache during the planning with Jun Yi, feeling sorry to certain parties, feeling sandwiched and big-headed at certain point, THE TRIP IS FINALLY A SUCCESS! Seeing everyone’s happy and satisfied faces, it made me forgot the uneasiness beforehand. From the bottom of my heart, i thank every single of those participated in this trip for showing cooperation, consideration and appreciation. I’m grateful! :D

So it started off with the first day, whereby i couldn’t actually sleep in the bus although it was comfortable, i don’t know why. Fortunately half way through the few of us started to blow water and dig out secrets (which no longer a secret because i reckon the WHOLE BUS actually heard our conversations. Oh nevermind.) and makes the journey less unbearable. Haha! For your info, this is my first time taking bus from KL to Penang! LOL! (and no i’m not pampered.. :P)

Dinner at here:


Town Steamboat Restaurant or 火锅之家 in Chinese. This is the famous restaurant in Penang which offer steamboat buffet and i would say it totally worth the price (RM20.90/person) with the variety of food it provides! From typical steamboat stuffs, seafood, Hong Kong dim sum, Lok Lok to desserts…. thumbs up! I especially like the sotong and fish (Sotong prepared by Yuen Steamboat @ Sunway is nothing compared to this. LOL.).  To sum it all, it would be a place i would visit again in future because you can really eat until you puke with a cheap price! 


The inside.


I mistaken the butter at the right as durian LOL.



Later we went for a stroll to Perangin Mall and 1st Avenue while waiting for our poor poor stomach and duodenum and small intestine to digest the truck-amount of food. Me and the guys went for swimming in the pool of apartment and made so much noise till we were boo-ed. Ooppss!! :P Supper time next!


First stop: Nasi Beratur. Personally think that the spice is really special (according to Terrence, the spice are imported from India) but it was a lil pricey. And i prefer the next supper, which is:


Kassim’s Nasi Kandar. Can you believe that we had this as supper 3 days in a row? Walaowe!! *rub on the tummy*

Feeling quite energized, me and the guys continued to blow water till 5.30 am and i woke up at 8.30am in the living room. I swear the amount of time i actually slept was around 1hour++ only because.. i don’t know why! Nevertheless, i was still quite hyper on the next day. :P I couldn’t stay up to pou but couldn’t stay up for exam. Tehee.

P1220250 copy

Took an early walk around our apartment, Desa Pelangi while waiting for the others. Facilities were really good with the reasonable price. Thanks the Boss of the Tour, Terrence for getting it for us! In fact, all of us owe him a big time for everything in the 4D3N tour.. *bow*


The swimming pool!


Breakfast at i-dono-where, Pasembor (did i spelt it correctly?) Kinda like this with the amount of sauce it gave. :D


Char Kuey Teow. Quite good!

Next up, spent our day at Queensbay Mall. LOL~


3 out of 5 tigers which was so gay, they actually wore the shirt of same colour on the same day. Ha Ha Ha!!

We went to Neway to Cheong k for nearly 6hours at only RM11++ per person! And the best part of all? Neway has the hot song 忐忑!忐忑忐忑忐忑!It made me high because before i could sing a long line completely, my head was already pulled down onto the safa by gravity, stomach too weak to support the upper part of my body because i was too TIRED OF LAUGHING. HAHAHAHAHA OMG! The best song of the century LOL!

After dinner, we went to a place that i had never visit before:


Straits Quey with the sophisticated and luxurious design. High class!


I bluek you!


According to Deff, the owner of house (in pic of right) here will park their yacht at this harbour (in pic of left). OMG. They must be rolling in money when i’m still Rolling in The Deep! (P/s: i couldn’t find Rolling in The Deep in Neway. Sigh~ a minute disappointment xD)


The reason why i made noise to come here: for Charlie Brown Cafe!


Not because i’m a fans of Snoopy, but it was unfortunately the hubby of my hubby Sheen Yeen, so to make her happy (and sad, wakaka), i went here to snap photos for her eyes! No worries, Sheen Yeen, i brought your spirit here. LOL.


I screamed “ Very old already, don’t act cute!” while i was snapping this photo and i was ACTUALLY referring it to Deff when the OLDEST one, Terrence terasa. Opps! Sorry Da Ge, i wont’t even dare to say that to you. :P


Group pic @ Straits Quey! Thanks Deff the cameraman!


UM Dental dudes ft. USM Pharm dudes. Penang 5 Tigers! XD


Thrown ourselves opposite Gurney Plaza to enjoy the sea breeze(when there was actually no breeze also lol) while Deff and ah Chai went to settle some USM subject registration stuffs.


Introduce to you, the gay members of Dental 5 Tigers which form the subgroup called “Yesterday” (Because there was another Taiwan twins boy group called “2moro” XD). ROMANTIC! HAH!

The night ended and we had our good sleep before the awesome breakfast on next day:


Loh Mee! (I know mine is Loh Mee Hun instead of Loh Mee. Haha. I’m not a fans of noodle except instant noodle which i rarely eat too due to its health hazard. :P) This is the food which gave me most impression because it was totally different with that in KL. Those in KL is relatively tasteless and is normally served together with vinegar, which i hate (except Pork Leg with Vinegar, i don’t take any other type of vinegar. Including the Vinegar of Boyfriend because i don’t have one obviously LOL). The Penang Loh Mee, was truly taste-bud stimulating and the aroma get saturated in your whole oral cavity. Quote the Line of the Tour: IS GOOD! *mimicking ah Chai’s voice because he is the machine to say that line. No one beats the feel he gave to the line. Haha!*


Laksa for lunch after loitering in Perangin Mall because it was raining outside (Perangin Mall used to be a good place to lepak for me BUT not this time. I felt like puking although i only spent 2 hours here. It was oh-so-boring *faint*). I couldn’t comment much on the Laksa as i didn’t really taste it as Laksa was not really my thing. Nevertheless, according to everyone’s opinion, IS GOOD, too! :)


Yesterday vs. another new group, Tonight! *sheepish smile*


Girls in Deff’s car.. we got high on the 3rd day for no reason. LOL.


With Deff’s DSLR. OMG I LOVE IT! There IS different between normal digital cam and DSLR although the latter was only set on auto mode, especially while taking portraits (be in during day or night, IS GOOD in both situation!) *salivating*


Ayer Itam Dam. Beautiful scenery with all the fog!


Fanxu and pre-fanxu. Dears and Darls! :))



Untitled-3 copy

Pattern King Yong Ming Xiao who became tanner, pierced his ear and had haircut in Penang. Still, pattern never change.


Boss says Rwarr!


We are trying to prove how clear was the longkang water :D

Later, we had our dinner at few hawker stalls and the night market. Unfortunately many stalls were not open.

Surprises next!


The cake.


Early Birthday surprises for the July babies, Shao Ting and Kai Ying! :)


Being bullied by the guys who threw creamer and sugars at them. LOL. Make human taste better instead of coffee and tea? Hmmmm…

To celebrate the last night of the trip, everyone went out for supper and did some silly stuffs:


Like playing with shadows! And playground… (playground during midnight?! Sounds creepy…!!! @_@)

And then we pillow-talked again till i slept at 6.30am. OH-MY-GOSH. I was planning not to sleep at all, anyway. It seems that my brain couldn’t stand it and i MUST sleep. And that explained why i slept like a dead fish in the bus (ignoring the one-seat-one-tv thing, i don’t care this time), in the house (more than 12hours!) and still feeling sleepy. @_@

Once again, i would love to thanks Terrence aka Piggie Kor for bringing us around and introduce us with lots of good foods. Not forgetting Pan Pan and Deff for the transport; Terrence, Jun Yi and Deffrey for becoming the dedicated driver (I shall count Ming Xiao out because he is a dangerous one instead of a dedicated one), and everyone!

More photos here:

Shall rest my tummy and legs before the next trip, KUCHING wulala! :)