Number 2.

Oh yeah baby, here comes my typical post-outing-blog-update HAHAHA. At least it is something to do other that staring at my laptop blankly. Must make good use of the laptop before my brother conquer MY laptop for the stupid Maple Story game. Bluek! :P


Made our 2nd round gathering at Da-Old-Place-Of-UM-Student-Like-Me-Me-Me i.e. Mid Valley. And seriously, after the outing with Uni friends on 1st day of holiday, i didn’t come here anymore till NOW! Whoa, almost satu bulan sudah. :P

Pirate Ship behind us yo! Quite a magnificent deco! :D

Had lunch at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant! :)


Taken by Patricia near the gardens of The Gardens. lol. The “SX” behind look like 18SX or something….whatever! *direction of thoughts flying out from YiTing’s brain going astray*. Ignoring the flabby arms (doesn’t look really flabby here but well it IS jelly-like. Oh kill me), I HEART MY SHOES! Aren’t them so chio? :P :P :P And guess what, there are mom’s property. Tehee.


Daphenie mommy’s long long arms! :D


Manusia yang tak habis-habis shyiok sendiri.

DSC06216 copyDSC06215 copy

Snapped some random photos at this cupcake shop called Delectable by Su @ The Gardens because it was so so so CUTE! *melts* Awww~ (less-than-three, less-than-three)


Snack time with Big Apple Doughnut! Mine is the Tiramissu (top right) and it is taste-bud stimulating! Fattening? Forget it. (FAIL.)

We visitied Ninja Joe which serve PORK burger and it made me jakun-ed a lil cuz i thought the nearest place to get a pork burger would be McD @ Hatyai, Thailand. HAHAHA. Smack me.


Ninja Joe. Wataaa! *chop in the air* (Wataaa! stand for Water in the menu :P)


Now this is interesting. LOL.


Pork burger that has the taste of pork!!! (?!)

Here ends the typical update.. a more siao-siao post coming soon. Stay tuned, babes and dudes! :D

Mission of the week: Learn Photoshop!