My Sister of Eternal Flower.

Spend few lifeless days in my holidays for this new TVB drama called My Sister of Eternal Flower (花花世界花家姐). I’m not a typical drama fans that could sacrifice my beauty(not!) sleep for drama. Since Jun Yi said it is highly recommended ( lol ) and roommate Nadia was watching it too, well, just get it to kill my time! Haha…

Frankly speaking, personally i find it just an ordinary drama. And for those who watched 阿旺新传before, you would certainly find a sense of similarity from this drama…


… because the main characters in both dramas were so similar with each other!

The pattern of Fa Ka Jie was a clone of that of Ah Wong, the only thing which differ was, perhaps, the gender (duh.. =.=) Nevertheless, i don’t find Fa Ka Jie as adorable as Ah Wong, and in fact, it sort of annoyed me at certain point. It might be good if Ah Wong didn’t exist before, but since it did, people tend to compare, and find the acting of Charmaine Seah quite fake as it was, somehow, copying another character.

I actually find this drama quite boring until the part where the main characters start to have feeling for each other (at that was like.. after more than 10 episodes out of 20 episodes. O_O), and surprisingly, as a non-fans of drama series, i could make myself watch until the end. Hahaha! Well, it was not thaaaat bad until it made me stop digging it from Youtube. Especially like the simple happiness between the couple. Simply pure and innocent! :)) It’s so beautiful…. but well, this will exist only in drama. Haaa.



So cute neh.. :P



Raymond Lam is so cute especially when he smileeeee…. :D :D :D

And he has a good body because even T-shirt and jeans looks good on him! :P


And this actress playing the role of known model Agnes D was actually quite pretty! (Although quite bitchy in the drama. :X)


Nadia Chong, i know you want these! Pig Pig 猪…XD


Anyway, nice song to be recommended:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the lyrics. If it is released last year, this time, it would be my theme song. Hah.

It brings back good memories. :))