I’m a Nerd & Noob! :P

There’s two type of top students in school.

Type 1: not only a smart ass, but also a hot dude/babe, President of many clubs and society, play sports well, have co-curricular marks above 90, the Head Prefect, etc.  This type of top student would be the hot stuffs among the students. Not only being the apple of the eyes of teacher, he or she can also bathe in the sea of admirers. Maybe he or she can even have a Facebook Fan Page. Ha ha.

Type 2: can be top scorer for many subjects, and other characteristics? Opposite from the above. Not hot or sexy, have hair all tied up neatly, thick specs resting on the nose, low-profile (generally, maybe you are only known among students of first few top classes), unable to do sports, couldn’t get enough votes to get high post in clubs and society due to lack of popularity. Teachers will still love you, true friends call you Smarty, others just refer you as nerd.

And I’m obviously in Type2. People call you nerd because of your appearance and.. whatever. They might spot you munching the book once or twice, and then they would start having the perception that “oh-she-study-all-the-time-gosh-she’s-a-nerd”. Aha. As if you stalking me 24/7 and saw me studying most of the time beside sleeping, peeing, pooping, eating and what else?

Common phenomenon in high school. Not that bad now. Haha.

I’m denying the fact that i STUDY ALL THE TIME. However, i’m not 100% against the saying that i’m a nerd, because i AM, according to self-analysis and the facts below:

Fact 1: I can’t solve a rubric cube.


Brothers’ property. Obviously, very well-used, by them and not by me. I couldn’t even solve the upper one. Never thought of challenging the lower one. Haha.

Fact 2: I can’t play chess


No joke. I can’t. Even if i play cards like chor dai di, i will lose most of the time. I’m bad in planning strategy. So don’t nominate me to lead any war because we are all going to be losers. :P

Fact 3: I can’t excel in sports.


I lack of the gene of sport. There must be some problem with my cerebellum / basal ganglia or whatever because i’m real bad in coordination. Thus i’m totally out from sports which involve.. ball? Even my own youngest brothers tend to bully me during badminton game. As for swimming, well it is more for exercising purpose. I’m sure by the time i finish 1 lap, Michael Phelps can complete more than……10 laps?

Fact 4: I can’t play any musical instrument.


Some people thought i could play piano as my blog url is memories-of-pianoforte.blogspot.com. Sadly (yes VERY SADLY), i can’t play any. No piano, no guitar, no violin. Nevertheless, i really love music! But my coordination is real bad and that would be a hindrance i guess? Haha! If a charming dude plays the white piano in the pic above it will make me go *heart melt*-*heart melt*-*heart melt into puddle*-*heart evaporate from the puddle and dissapeared in the thin air*. Urm, where’s my heart now?

Fact 5: I can’t dance


Told ya, my coordination is bad. Under normal consequences, i will avoid any event that need me to dance. Shaking butt a little is okay, but those hip hop or sexy dance… sorry it’s really not my thing. Gah. :/

Fact 6: I don’t drive and i have no sense of direction


As i have NO sense of direction, it also mean that i don’t drive alone. If i ever drive out from Kota Kemuning without anyone’s accompaniment, i doubt i can get my way back home. So GPS should be a necessity in my future?

Fact 7: I normally don’t make up.


I think you can only see me with make-up once or twice PER YEAR. I was actually a little terrified with my own reflection when my roommate Amy helped me with the make-up for my Dental Night Dinner. LOL. Being a GIRL, i understand that make-up will make difference to appearance especially my tiny-winy eyes. It amazed me greatly whenever i see the ability of people magnify their eyes into like 5 times after applying eyeliner, mascara, thick eyelashes, contact lens that make your iris look bigger, etc. I’m a lazy bum bum, i know. :P

Fact 8: I don’t play games.


For now, i don’t play any games, be it online games, Facebook games, PS games, or even handphone games. LOL. Used to play Maple Story with KK Kaki back in high school and my progress was the noob-est among all. My own brother said i “don’t have talent for shooting game (like Counter Strike or Sudden Attack)”. I might spend up to 12 hours in front of computer PER DAY, half of the time on Facebook, but not on Facebook game. I do play random games like Draw My Thing (draw something for people to guess?) or guess songs or whatever BUT not those games like Farmville or Restaurant City or BACKYARD MONSTER (The game that made my youngest bro haunts me because he want to collect his resources or whatever). So what have i done so long with Facebook if not playing games? It’s unexplainable. Tops News, Most Recent, Photos, Profile, random friend’s profile, random friend’s friend’s profile, random photo album, grab random best friends to disturb, etc. LOL.

Fact 9: I can neither cook nor bake


IF i’m getting married, i will make sure my hubby knows how to cook. Or he is rich enough to hire a maid to cook for me. HAHAHA (i sound like a spoilt brat LOL) Well, i used to help my mom in the kitchen, chop this and that, observe from the side, mess with the spatula when mom is busy with some other thing. Never tried cooking something except frying an egg, though. Maybe i actually know to cook? Maybe? Maybeee?? :P

Fact 10:….

Can’t think of anything for the moment but i’m quite SURE there is a point! Just that the point is lurking somewhere in my cerebrum and reluctant to come out because it is too ashamed of itself. Aww, poor thing.

But everything up to now is enough to say that i’m a….








If you realise, i have a REALLY FLAT and BROAD forehead. It was so flat that i think you can actually make Roti Canai on top of my forehead, seriously. That’s the reason why i need fringe! *but i’m keeping a long fringe now.. hmm..* And something else about me is i have relatively little amount of eyebrows. Is like the paddy field after drought, you know. So to sum it all, when my fringe is up, i look like an alien: Paul-Movie-Clip-Paul-Heals-Bird-Official-HD

Hello cousin. Ha ha.

And that slightly-slanted-specs is my only-exist-during-lecture-sometimes-exist-in-cinema-specs. :D Even my own roommates did not know the existence of Yi Ting’s specs till i nagged whole day regarding my lost specs.

Getting off-topic. Oopsy~

After analysing, i think i’m a real noob. Can the fact that “I actually LOVE hanging out with friends, LOVE photography, LOVE graphic designing especially with Photoshop, LOVE drawing and doodling although my skill still sucks, LOVE doing crafs like scrapbook and decorate my room with major artwork” exclude me out from the category of “Noob and Nerds”?? Please? *trying to make big and watery eyes*

Okay the answer is NO. FAILED. Boo~

And after publishing this post my market value should drop from ZERO to NEGATIVE value. Numb to it already, never mind larh! :P

P/S:Uni accommodation problem is finally off from my brain. Luck angle is on my side this time! Fortunately, i got the offer from 6th college and it brings full stop to all these annoying and heart-breaking matters. Once again, I'm very appreciative of those who comforted me and offers the helping hand, especially the dearest Dental 5 Tigers and roommate Nadia. Aku sayang kamu semuaaaa! XOXO!


  1. You may not excel in those aspects that u mentioned there, but u can certainly write very well.. I kinda enjoyed yr blog.. :D

  2. Hahaha.. Thanks! May i know who are you? Hehe. :))

  3. Well, it can be said that we have been around in the same area for the past few months. I'm studying in UM as well..
    Somehow I stumbled upon your blog and find it interesting and funny at times, so have been following it :D

  4. haha...yi ting...based on those points...i think we share almost the same kinds of characteristics...but i really like the way u write ur blog^^ sis...u r so creative...hehe=)

  5. Hui Yi! You can play sports lar! Hahaha~ next next week got nice movie or not? let's movie date again :P


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