Chilling out @ Cameron H. & The Silver State.

Silver state is Perak anyway. Random lame thing that i thought of. Ha ha.

4D3N trip out with family for this school holiday. 1st stop was Cameron Highland, the so-called old-people’s-place because obviously there was no roller coaster or Space Shoot like those in Genting. Nevertheless, a good place to pamper your eyes with green thing yo! :P

P1210547P1210549P1210551 copy

Random corners of the hotel. :))

A new spot to be visited:


Time Tunnel. Generally, it was an small exhibition of old things but is was so nostalgic! Nostalgic for those around our parents’ age, because it reminded them of their childhood; and had great educational purpose for children in the city like us, as it made us jakun-ed around with every step taken. Quite a great place, depends on how you view at it! RM5 per entrance was worth the price i suppose.


Some of the random old tin or packaging used by some brands which still exist around us everyday. Mr. Darlie definitely became more charming now. LOL. Plastic surgery? XD


I didn’t know LOL can be someone’s name. LOLLLL. A person with the name “lol” must be very busy sneezing every single day because, well, people all around the world miss him everyday. He is even more popular than Lady Gaga. LOL again. :P


Random air-ball (or whatever) sold along the street and guess what? This type of thing exist since like almost 20 years ago BECAUSE i have one at home, bought by parents when i was like… 2 or 3 years old?? The only difference was perhaps the word “Cameron Highland”. Gah.

P1210772 copy

Cactus! :)) From some random farm that i didn’t bother to remember the name. LOL. (see, LOL is used again. LOL)

P1210792 copy



Family photo. :D

P1210788 copyP1210793P1210804P1210789 copy

One BEST thing about Cameron Highland was it was a great place to practise shooting with flowers, although you are using some noob-but-not-too-noob-non-DSLR digital camera like me. Unlike those poor flowers tortured by scorching sun outside your house beside the drain now, the flowers here were really fresh-looking!


Dinner time! Charcoal steamboat time! RM15 per person. Good thing to warm up the frozen fingers.


Next morning: the Bee Farm. They have a indoor maze made up of many many AND many white wooden walls. Lead by my youngest brother (shame on me lol), we went running here and there until we got the way out and my bro said he could recognise the route after completing it. Gosh. If you throw me inside again i STILL couldn’t figure out the way, i swear. T_T

P1210847 copy

Not forgetting a typical shoot of Cameron Highland!

On the way biding farewell to Cameron Highland, we stopped by at a place called Green View Garden. Plantations of hydroponic vegetables, strawberries and flowers could be spotted here. Quite a good place to chill out because they provide cafeteria too!


Strawberry strawberry! Personally not a big fans of strawberry, anyway. Nevertheless, must try out the strawberry popsicle here! Pure strawberry (with its seed somemore) which was really yammeh~ Or perhaps my oral cavity has affinity towards any ice cold food. Ha ha.

P1210900 copy

The most breathtaking spot in the whole garden because it was so beautiful! Haha i didn’t know i have a thing towards flower until i came here. LOL.

P1210901 copy

It was so beautiful, it looks like artificial flower. Seriously!

Next destination was Ipoh, the town known for…. pretty girls? :P


The most traditional way of going for a vacation: MAP. Ngehee. By the way it was bought since we last visited here 2 or 3 years back. Haaa.

P1210927P1210925 copyP1210926 copy

Had our dinner here. Restaurant Ong Kee of Ipoh with their Nga Choi Gai. There was another restaurant selling the same food called Lou Wong but according to my youngest brother, the food here is better. His tongue did not favour the soy sauce used by Lou Wong. Ahh, i don’t know anything. What i was sure of was the bean sprout was definitely 100 times better than those raw ones of Dewan Umarak (dining hall of my Uni residential college :P), considering i’m not even a fans of tauge, anyway.

P1210949 copy

3rd day was spent at Taiping and this was their mangrove forest reserve at Kuala Sepatang.


We were so free, we actually went to the museum. Introducing to you, the horse’s skeleton with molars + incisors (so when the horse in cartoon SMILED, it is actually logical) and elephants’ molars! Wohoo… *knock my head*

P1220031 copy

The popular spot in Taiping: the Taiping Lake. An undeniably good place to practise landscape photography! However it was an evening without much sunlight or sunset or sunrise or whatever so it wasn’t that conducive towards photography BUT i still managed to snap some view! Hope to try out sunset or sunrise photo-taking at here in the future. :)

P1220043 copy

Pokok yang comelllll :P

P1220074 copy

Asked my dad and brother to keh-leh-feh for this shoot. Changed the colour a lil to give a vintage feeling. Personally love this shoot quite a lot! :D

P1220078 copy

Lonely in the evening.

Again, we were SO FREE that we went for Night Safari at Taiping Zoo, considering the last time i visited the National Zoo was like.. ages ago?


Saw many parents bought their lil kiddo for this. I think we were the only OLD kiddo-s. LOL. @.@

P1220095P1220087 copy

Final destination of 4th day, Kampar for its Curry Chicken Bread (面包鸡) @ Restaurant Kam Ling and i MUST blog about it because i find it super-duper-finger-lickin’-good! Both thumbs up! And the price was very reasonable, only RM22 for a serving of at least 3 person. I was too busy indulging in it until i was full till my upper oesophageal sphincter OMG. Especially LOVE the bottom-most layer of bread because it was so soft~ :)

And now I'm back to Kota Kemuning with my wasted-work-outs in last few weeks. Oh crap. Ngehee.

And by the way, for more selected photos, it’s here!
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