The Aroma of Paddy Field.

Translation from the Chinese word “稻香”。Aha, Jay Chou’s song. Haha.

Where to get the Aroma of Paddy Field? Sekinchan there it is! :)

One day trip to Sekinchan with family. Fortunately, i did gain some satisfaction from it because of the – tada tada!—photoshoot time baby! :P

More new photo = more Photoshop time. LOVE!

P1220106 copy

Blue and greenish-yellow. Album cover of the day. :P

P1220136 copy

The truck. A little unfortunate thing was, it was not a cloudy day and the sky was rather… empty. Or else, it might add more ‘feel’ to photos!

P1220140 copy

Dad was once involved in all these water system thingy!

P1220152 copy

Bro’s hand itchy. Nevertheless, fear not, i think this is the amount of less than one spoonful of rice. Ha ha.

P1220171 copy

The 浪花 (Wave-flower?! What is it called in English again? My English sucks and English lesson for 2 semester have nil contribution to improve it. :/) snapped at seaside nearby.

More photos here:

And my blog is like a newspaper because it was updated almost daily nowadays. Although relatively little people read it. Haha! Promise, a more proper blog post coming soon!


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