With my pwetty kakak² :P

1st round KMK sista gathering: success!

Venue: Kim Gary Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid. We went to the same place for last gathering in December 2010. LOL. I also don’t know why. Yet we didn’t sit at the exact seat we had last year. Haha!


Xuan Lin, Hui Yi, Ying Sze, Peh Ge, me, Adeline, Patricia. 7 out of 12. Haha.

Gathering is always nice because women have unlimited topic to blah blah blah about! Tehee.

And gathering comes with camwhore group-pic in a package. XD

Lets compare and contrast:



Ok. i wonder whether it was the SAME toilet. Smile with tongue out It was only less than half a year and we changed! Pat has curled hair (I LOVE I LOVE!), Ade has short hair, and I have dyed long hair (yeah baby!). Hui Yi and Xuan Lin didn’t change much though. Lana has work this time thus she didn’t join us. Peh Ge and Ying Sze was absent last time. Haha~

Looking forward for 2nd round! Hee.


New artworks to spend my time instead of haunting Facebook, haunting random blogs and Facebook games, haunting my roommate Nadia (nicest spamming machine, ever! Nadia Chong i love you lar. XD), etc. Going to haunt my KK friends soon. Couldn’t haunt the Sweet-Potato People because most of them are rolling in Ipoh now. Sometimes i think i really miss you people lah. Miss the crappy talks from you guys. Ngek ngek. XD


Vampire. I know it still quite sucks. Once upon a time, my drawing of the heart showing left atrium is better than this. Gahh. Learn from zero… :))


Current desktop pic.

Now, who shall i haunt next?

Or suggest some random topic for me to blog on. Seriously!!


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