We are First Year student 。我们大学一年级。

It’s amazing how time flies. From the first day, when i stepped into UM and shocked by the condition of the room, until the day whereby i finally finished my finals, looking at the tired but relieved faces of my coursemates.



coursemateP1210298 copy

Coursemates are one of the most important element in my Uni life. From not knowing each other, till undergone the same hardship and see how each other struggle for exam in past month.. Seeing how these people sacrifice their sleeping time, feeling down and useless sometimes, trying my best to help with my notes or some personal guidance…because we share the same goal: to pass out first year and move on to the 2nd phase of our life as UM Dentalians. For more info please refer here (hahaha… quoting own old blog post Smile with tongue out). Hope all of us can stick through this 5 years!





My closest companion throughout the year. 5 guys, 3 girls, from the what what over-steady gang to fanxu gang to the-guys-self-formed-what-what-Dental-5-Tigers-LOLL. Whatever weird name it is, they made my hectic Uni life interesting. I think we are one of the bunch of people that went out to pou the most. Frankly speaking i have not been so close with guys before this. And now i’m the (what?) manager of 5 dudes? Haha! Although sometimes (or maybe most of the time) they made you feel like strangling them, but they are the people whom you can count on. With Xuan Lin and Adeline, we continued to support each other at times of weakness. Glad to have you girls around! :)

Lab Moments



Hahahahahaha… i know i have been doing a lot of silly things during lab/practical time… Like trying to make two chunk of shit from plastercine (which, now, i couldnt recall what’s the original purpose of it), making a balloon out of rubber glove, messing around during Physio practical, uncountable blowing-water session during Anatomy prosection session & OB Practical class (P/s: OB Practical class is a good session to foster good relationship among coursemates. A gossip-sharing session! Haha! *hopeless bunch of students*) I will definitely miss these people too:


Lab 5! The water-blowing lab!! Waaaaahahahahaa!! Smile with tongue out





Caring and funny seniors. Thanks for all the advices! Special thanks for my direct senior, Shir Inn for all the guidance. Don’t be so blur blur liao larrrr….. Hahahaha! All the best, especially to my final year buddy, Eunice who is graduating soon! :)




One of the few people whon i’m really close with in residential college. Not all roommates have good relationship with each other, so i’m grateful that fate brought 3 of us together and we’d foster good relationship among us. Really thank them for tolerating me, especially giving me a good environment to study (i DO NOT work best under stress, and studying with them in room does not made me stressful. Yay!). We can be very noisy (Amy can actually heard us when me and Nadia were playing water in the toilet LOL) but serious too. Thanks for giving me support! Especially the incident whereby i seems to be sulking when the outing plan was messed up. Sorry for being unreasonable at times. Thanks, Amy Ling Lih Sang and Nadia Chong Hwa Ni (and i’m probably seeing Nadia’s face for the next whole year. Sien. XD)

Here ends my 1st Year, followed by 4 months of holiday before i continued this journey. Is a year that made me a tougher person and changed perception towards many things. Enjoy the holidays, people! :)

P/s: Dear KK Kakis, is time to date me out!!!!!! Smile with tongue out