Rolling in the….

deep. Not! should be …. sea of  boredom”.

Oh by the way Rolling in the Deep by Adele truly rocks. It rocked my cerebrospinal fluid in my brain as it was stuck in my brain for sometime! And obviously the cerebrospinal fluid which got mixed with this song couldn’t get resorbed back by all the arachnoid villi and thus it made the song stuck in my brain. Same goes to Adele’s Rumour Has It, Turning Tables and Someone Like You. Open-mouthed smile

Okayyy.. non-biology-related-field-students is going to kill me for using all the alien languages to them. Just like how all the engineering terms / law terms / weird maths formula are alien to me now.

My brain has gone to disused state. My brain weight lesser than my youngest bro’s brain, according to this Facebook app called Brain Buddies. How pathetic!  I think he can do maths better than me now. He really has those Maths brain. The Tee’s gene Smile with tongue out

Anyway, hand itchy and thus more artworks! Triggered by sudden friend-sick to my Uni friends. Ha ha.


Before coloured.


After coloured! As for who is who, kindly refer to my Wall Photo album in the Facebook profile of moi. Tehee. Or you can just have a wild guess (if you know us). These are our characteristics.. haha!

Went for cheong-k with my primary school + high school Kota Kemuning babes….. after almost a year! Surprised smile


Our only group photo and it made us look like Avatar’s characters. Only thing was… we were obviously not that tall. Hoho.

And we talked about the dream of forming a band! Sadly i have no knowledge of any musical instrument and my vocal is obviously not good enough as a lead singer.. yet it is always good to have dream right? Bwaaahahaha. XD

Taking leave from haunting people on Facebook for few days. Till i return! Sayonara! Smile with tongue out

P/S: Till i get inspiration to blog on certain topic! I need inspiration to write! So that… my brain won’t fall into complete disused state. >.<

P/s/s: Check out my new bloggie sidebar item called “She is…” yo! right beside this post! Heh.