Love is in the air


Hahaha OK i know this photo is pretty disturbing. Of course they are not mine because i don’t own any red panties, nay, G-string *throw back head and laugh*.. I random Google-ed “love is in the air” and it came out! *innocent face*

Anyway let’s ignore the panties-talk and to the main topic here. Well recently one of my best friends finally found his another half after one year of complaining (with another 4.. or maybe 3 only, excluding Mr. Monk) me of not introducing girlfriend to them. Woops, identity exposed. :P Anyway i’m truly grateful and happy for him. Like own big brother getting married. LOL! Hahaha..

Personally i’m used to this kinda situation.. all close girl friends of mine in high school has boyfriend and I'm the only exception. Reason? God knows. Despo? Well, used to have a period of time of despo-ness but now i don’t really care. Sometimes seeing people gets emo over those kinda matter push me further from the urge of getting any relationship started.

And frankly speaking, not many normal guys can endure his girlfriend sticking around with another 5 hot dudes everyday right? (OMG Have i just said that you people are.. hot? O_O) Anyway the main point is at the word “dude” not “hot”. :P As i grown up i have more and more best friend of opposite sex, including those other the notorious Dental 5 Tigers, which.. just couldn’t go further. 2 person, can study together, crap over the phone for one an a half hour, crap over Facebook until 4a.m…. but that’s all. I end up treating some of them as elder brothers, who stand up behind you when you are in trouble, telling you that everything will be solved, giving lectures on life lessons, or just simply someone who you can just give a phone call when your tear glands are overloaded. There’s no sparks in between, but i embrace this kind of friendship as much as the sisterhood i have with my girlfriends in high school and matriculation.

They might not a real solid shoulder cry on, not a teddy bear to hug when you are cold in the cinema, not a machine producing all the heart-melting words (I would be grateful enough if it is not heart-breaking. lol), but it doesn’t really matter. I used to have an ideal-boyfriend-list, for fun. Hoping to get someone whom share similar interest with me so we can do all the best things in the world. Go travel and snap all the most magnificent and beautiful photos together, have a designer-concept condo which we design everything on our own (OK la, in the future after we got married ok..), or anything. Sometimes in your life, you thought that you found a person of that kind, but sparks is never there. Even if you found someone whom you sparks on, the person do not sparks back (LOL what kinda crappy language). Anyyyyyway, you get what i mean right? Smile with tongue out

And that shall be the reason i’m single now? Hahahaha!!