Activating the Nerves of Creativity

I'm not too much of a Science person, actually. Although some of my friend says i can memorise Anatomy damn well and blah blah blah…. (not! The muscles of palate!! Ahhhh my close friend would know why am i sulking over this. Haha.). When i first started to ponder about my future back in high school, i was considering doing… advertising. And I'm now doing something unrelated… unless there’s a link between advertising and dentistry?

I’m not saying i don’t like I'm doing now, anyway. My brain works in Art-way, Science-way and also Maths-way (and the Maths part is rusting ever since i leave matriculation. Sigh.. Good old days of Olympiad Maths >.<). Yet, there must be something wrong with my primary motor centre/ supplementary motor centre/ premotor centre/ basal ganglia/ cerebellum because I'd never excel in sport. And not in languages. God give you some thing and take away some thing. Guess that’s fair, anyway.

The neurons responsible for Arts in me undergo hibernation all these while and only will be activated during holidays. However, sad to say, due to prolonged inactivation, the efficiency of those neurons have obviously dropped!

My recent simple art piece:


Very, very simple, indeed. Dedicated to the Potatoes who made me proud to be one of them! This was drawn before we got our ah sou i.e. sister-in-law as our new member. Ha ha.


It’s hard for me to draw anime characters now! Yikes. Gotta practise on it if i have the patience. Heh.

Quite many of my dreams are associated to the field of art. As mentioned before, i dream to have a self-decorated condo with my future hubby! :)


I actually love interior designing too. Back in Form 2, i had drawn a plan of my ideal room and i’m still keeping the masterpiece now! I used to get excited when i flip through the Ikea book. I still have a thing towards unique chairs, clocks, lamp and so on. Yet in order to get this done, it would certainly do a great damage to my wallet. Conclusion? I shall start hunting for a rich boyfriend? Hahahaha!!!


Next dream, as mentioned before too, own a DSLR and go to the most beautiful places to snap photos! There are many eye-catching photos in Facebook which made me go “whoaaaaa~~~” and i certainly hope i can produce one of those. I want to get a great company, not necessary a boyfriend since i don’t have one, to go around to many places, taking awesome photos which tell stories. Awesome awesome! That’s the reason i have the initiative to learn photo-editing. I’m personally a little picky towards colour contrast, angle and all. @@ It’s a good hobby, anyway, right?


I feel like owning a scrapbook set TOO! I want i want i want *screaming like a 3-year-old kiddo*

Things with scrapbook-style is sort of my thing (clearly portrayed by the style of this blog, right? Heh heh.). Well of course, digital scrapbooking won’t cost you much because there are quite a number of free digital scrapbooking kits available on World Wide Web, providing you have the determination to dig for the free ones. Actual scrapbooking is something else. Ever since i picked up the habit of doing scrapbook as birthday present for my loved ones, i can hardly get full satisfaction.  Lacking of those adorable ribbons, punching machine or even stickers! (By the way, i spotted a freaking adorable set of TEETH stickers in Popular few weeks back, i was so tempted to purchase one but i was taken aback by the price tag. The rational part of mine convinced myself that is not worth spending so much penny on it. Sob sob.) Scrapbook sets, or even just the good quality scrapbook papers, can be quite costly if i really invest into this hobby. Can Santa Clause give me this as a Christmas present? (Whoa. Long way to go huh?)

Hmm. Shall rob a bank tomorrow. XD




My bangs are turning me into an one-eyed monster already. And i’m still reluctant to cut it. It hides my single-eyelid eye and exposed my double-eyelids eye! So that people thought that i actually have double-eyelids on both eyes! lol. Really, my eyes actually looks like this —> o.O In Chinese, this is what we called 龙凤眼 i suppose.. Dragon-phoenix eyes. What a royal name.


And I don’t know why, i find 100 Plus Tangerine so addictive! :D It beats the original 100 plus! Hehe.

Off to more holiday plans!