To do list after Professional Exam for Year 1 of Bachelor of Dental Surgery in University of Malaya (lol):

  1. Group photo in front the 2011 thingy in front of Dewan Tunku Chanselor!
  2. A blog post on my 1st year as Dental Student.
  3. Scrapbook!
  4. Collect and finish up drama series / movie / entertainment show.
  5. Brush up on Photoshop skill, lean new skills on photo editing.
  6. Learn to use multimedia animation programme.
  7. Shop for more formal blouse and skirt.
  8. Cheong k! Anyone?
  9. Vacation to Kuching with my dearest fanxu-gang…. :D
  10. Exercise more for a slimmer healthier Yi Ting. Rope skipping, swimming, badminton.

Okay. Ada motivation untuk study dah. :D

And seems like “getting a job” is not in the list! lol~ i will get a job once i start to harvest the mould i’d grown in the holidays. :P

Ended my last day as 1st Year student with this:


MIRACULOUSLY went for Tenji JAPANESE buffet (people who knows me well should know that sushi is not my thing). Anyway, i only ate 2 sushi throughout the whole thing. Seems like sushi is STILL not my thing. LOL. I dono leh, I LOVE gastritis-causing food like Pork Leg in Vinegar (猪脚醋) but soury rice in sushi doesn’t seem to favour my taste bud. Hmmmm~

Ice-cream = Baskin Robin & Haagan Daaz. I don’t know why, but Haagan Daaz doesn’t seem to be thaaaaaaaat taste bud-stimulating to me (or itzit something REAL wrong with my tongue? *doubt real hard*) the level of satisfaction brought by RM1.50 ice-cream and RM10 ice-cream doesn’t seems differ real much. Hmm. Hmm.

Blueberry Cheese was nice! Black Forest Cheese cake was tasteless (again, i’m unsure whether it is due to my numbed tongue due to excessive trigger of cold receptor on my tongue. LOL.) Desert was generally okay-okay. They provide food from other countries as well (LUCKILY) and thus, at the end of the day my stomach was stretched to the top most limit that even taking a sip of water makes me wanna puke. LOL~ Oh, Tempura is nice anyway. :D

And at the (real end) of the day, my meals for the whole Friday = Milo + Hot Chocolate + few fries + TENJI TENJI TENJI. 1 meal for whole day. XD

No photo of the food because i was (obviously) too busy eating. Malas. :P

With the end of lessons in Year 1, i thus announce the commence of Study Week! Hope it will be a productive one (although i’m ALREADY slacking past the first few hours of it, NOW. Sad case sial.)

Gambateh yo!