Simple Happiness

It’s amazing that how little things can make people (ok la, at least me) feeling blissful. Happiness doesn’t come from staying in a big fortress with own swimming pool (waaaaa~), a luxurious car ( i don’t really care about car. I recognise car by car plate number LOL), an iPad iPhone i-Whatever (i have none of them. Gah.). Little things like such can lift my heart~
  • Biting on a chocolate ice-cream. Even a RM1.50 TopTen / Milo ice-cream is enough. Double happiness when it is treated by others! :D
  • After spending almost two hours explaining lesson to coursemates or anyone, they smiled and thanked you repeatedly. Feeling appreciated is so great! The stimulated production of saliva throughout the sessions are not wasted. Haha~
  • Walking alone to faculty and suddenly a cold breeze blew to your direction, tickling your hair. Oh My Gosh~ At the same time i will tell myself, how great if i have another person beside me, enjoying this moment with me. :P (yea, i always walk alone to class now, NOT because i’m a loner but simply because i’m more comfortable to stick with my own pace. No waiting, no rushing.)
  • When it RAINS after a scorching afternoon! Happiness overflow….!!! Hahaha!! Cooling night, babe~
  • When you randomly discovered a nice song and not tired of listening to it repeatedly.
  • When a friend offered and insisted to help when you are at your worst. *touched* Felt my significance in their eyes. Haha..
Smile, everyone! Especially to my coursemates as our finals are coming soon. Saw many stressful and sick faces around Faculty of Dentistry. Everyone gambate! We can go through this, no supplement, no retain! :D