Majlis Anugerah Tunku Bahiyah II (MATB II)

In short, MATB II is some sort of grand dinner of my residential college. Rushing back from the last class, i barely have time to ask my roommate to help out on my hairdo and make up (unlike during Dental Night Dinner). So, got my hair into a bun, applied some powder and eyeliner, had fake lashes stuck firmly…..Okay, here we go. LOL.
Roommate Nadia and her coursemate, Vernice who helped in her hairdo and make up. Oh my gosh she’s definitely a professional! Her fabulous skills turned my siao poh roommate into the Star of the Night. Yi Ting the manager is working under Miss Nadia Chong Hwa Ni tonight. Dental 5 Tigers? Sim yat bin laaaaa~ (Cantonese) :P The total number of people throwing the SAME question to my roommate (i.e….. OMG ARE YOU NADIA?) can hardly be countable by my fingers.. hmm.. maybe i should use my toes too. :P
P1200788 copy
Oh yea, A203 rocks yeah~
My hot hot roommates! And yea, we are noisy. Thanks to the poor soundproof system in the hostel, i reckon people can actually hear our gossiping conversation in the room FROM THE TOILET. O_O Nadia once said she can listen to me singing in the room when she was bathing. Walaowe. >o<
Unintentional and intentional mem-background-kan roommates while camwhoring in the toilet. XD
Awwww… i’m gonna miss them when i leave this residential college. :/
Next up, the bunch of people that made my lifespan becoming shorter from time to time..... (oops. i promised not to shoot them or i'm going to skip my lunch. :x ) Fate brought us together in the residential college. Having them messing up my life can be both enjoyable and torturous..... (oops oops. i can't control from shooting them. It's a reflex action. :x :x) Anyway, clockwise from top left: Ming Xiao, Terrence, Keng Siang, Jun Yi, Khai Kent. Oh yea, they are the naughty tigers. :O
Manager and the dudes yo!
I always nag them and yea, i will continue to do so. Until you all are well-behaved. :P
With sweat gang, another bunch of coursemates in 2nd college. :)
Coursemates from 2nd college. A pseudo-group photo. Haha! Dental students rocks the world! :D
P1200870 copy
Gay Photo of the Night #1. OMIGOSH at Keng Siang’s expression. XD
P1200871 copu
Gay Photo of the Night #2. LOL LOL LOL How sweeeeeeet :P
Internal decoration of the ballroom. Not bad not bad.
The table.
Table 6. :)
The food of the night? Ugh. So far i haven’t heard of any positive comment. Ahem.
Galvin, or whom we called Kak Gal, the Viva distinction 2nd year Dental Senior. Salute! The guys asked me photoshop some “distinction aura” in the photo. What lah. Like i guarantee gonna get a distinction for this coming exam. My perception now is, just try my best. Aiming for distinction for an INTEGRATED exam? No no no no no…. I just wanna pass my first year shun shun li li, grow mushroom for 4 months in home, and start my 2nd year. That’s all..
Me on stage with my trophy of achievement in academics. A big big thank you to Mr. Koh Khai Kent, the representative of Dental 5 Tigers for nominating me. LOL. Thanks for the over-over description in the nomination form. Haha!
Weeeeee… :)
“I will take this award as a source of motivation that encourage me to go further.” HAHAHA what an official answer-scheme statement. But really mah, work harder for exam la.
1 month from finals. Everyone gambate yo! :D