Jokes from the Boleh-land

You know, this country export all the most ridiculous jokes in the world.

Joke #1:


Click to read the Chinese translation.


Seriously, wtf??

It looks as if Malaysia does not provide Chinese education to the people.11 years of Chinese education is not as good as the freaking GOOGLE TRANSLATE?

Joke #2:

untitled (1)

正版 vs 山寨版.

All the neurons responsible for creative thinking must have undergone apoptosis. Seriously.

And seriously, who is so patriotic enough to use that greenish website. =.=

Joke #3

Refer here:

No wonder some says UM students have bad soft skills and couldn’t think critically. So, we are enrolled here to be shaped into a machine? Is this a uni or a factory?

Joke #4

Refer here:

Ok this is not a joke la. Wrong heading.

Our new dental fac was on fire. And according to the news report, 80% of the lab is damaged (Oral Biology lab and optec lab are at the 3rd floor which was on fire) I’m wondering about the fate of our teeth moulding (which made me emo during the last week of lesson. lol). DON’T TELL ME EVERYTHING IS GONE AND I HAVE TO RE-COLLECT ANOTHER COMPLETE SET OF DENTITION OMG O________O

And some coursemates jokingly said why is the exam hall not burnt. lol. So that’s the reason they built the exam hall underground, eh?

Joke #5

My level of laziness and tension is inversely proportional to the number of days to final exam. 4 MORE DAYS AND I HAD FORGETTEN HALF OF THE THINGS I’D LEARNT IN BIOCHEM AND WTH I’M STILL BLOGGING SOME RANDOM CRAPPY STUFFS.

*double-personality syndrome. pulling hairs off the scalp*

Huhu….. If i behave weirdly recently, just ignore me la. =P

Must conquer Physiology by today! Biochem tomorrow! I want to go shopping (STILL SHOPPING?!?!) on Sunday before the final exam on TUESDAY. Baaaaaaaah.