FaceBook Week #1

I sway and swing and sway and there goes my 1st week of study week,


… at my nest for the whole week. Facebook here, Face Book (hmm. Face lecture notes to be exact), slack here, day dream here, food-junking here. @.@


The temporary nest. Perfect spot to act like an invertebrate. Roll, roll, roll… *slumberland*. LOL. So it is a good thing to have a study room anyway. :D


New mouse that resembles an eggie~ :P


New earphone from PC Fair! Yay i love white :))


New… (er, not new) massage thingy. Birthday present during Form4. Useful during exam period? XD

Ok la this post is practically pointless. Having APK exam tomorrow. Reading APK lecture slide which is even MORE POINTLESS (Agree? Agree? Agreeee?)

My rate of YouTube-ing has surged over past week. Facebook is no longer a good way to save me from boredom. Neh.

Some nice vid:

Nicer than original. LOVE the rapping part. :D

Another awesome one:

Very true description in relationship. The view for this vid had surged like crazyyyyyy! Watch it watch it! :)))

*K la. Time to shoo. Zzz. End this faster please. Bo-o-riiiiiing sial :/ Blog post sound super boring and dry and lifeless because it portrays my condition now. lol. If i’m in college, i guess i’m already a dried up corpse now. XD*

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