The dark cloud above us.


This post is like oh-so-contrast with the previous one. Gah.

I’m sort of having mood swing for past week. Is like if anyone would ask me “hey, how’s life?”, i couldn’t answer “very good! enjoying every bit of it! :D” like i usually did. Because i’m not.. is like so many things revolving around in my brain!

Revision, Anatomy notes, accommodation for next year, stupid cons session… i just want to go home, roll on my bed and don’t think of them. I dowan to come back for extra session during study week.. :/

I forgot worrying about those thing when i’m fooling around with my best friends, hacking their Facebook profile (Yes Mr.Yong Ming Xiao, ADD ME BACK IN FACEBOOK I WARN YOUUUU!), feeling excited towards our fanxu-gang vacation, blowing water in mamak when i didn't even plan to eat… BUT when i sat down in room, settle down my thought, i couldn’t help from feeling down, depressing and… just not in the right mood.

And then i realised i’m not the only one with dark could following me to the lecture hall, to the hostel, to the toilet, to the cons lab, to the plaster room… bla bla bla. People around me don’t seemed to be in the best of mood too..

Pre-examination symptoms? A more negative value of threshold towards emo-ness? Is like all the insignificant things can make your heart sank into the deepest ocean.

But there’s light behind all dark clouds right? The light at the end of the tunnel, the rainbow after rain…

I want to see my rainbow. Good mood is essential for effective revision. Eat till i look as if i have localised oedema on my face! Package all these troubles and throw them into the lake lake infront of my hostel! Screw finals, i want my vacation man! Haiyak! Bluek!!

*Take a deep breath* I JUST WANT TO SCREAM!