Retrolicious Dental Night Dinner ‘11

After long anticipation, here comes our Dental Night Dinner 2011! :D Good job for the 3rd year seniors for organising the event. :)
The environment in the ballroom.
My look of the night. Can’t really see my make-ups here. Haha!! Credits to my lovely talented roommate, Amy Ling for the make-up and hair-do! I fed up using my eyeliner and asked for her help, and yay, she settled the whole make up for me! :D Thanks darling! As for the hair, we lend the curler from Lai Yee and played with it. The effect turned up to be not bad. And thanks for the hairband too! My hairstyle was totally a last minute decision. Hahaha~
Not forgetting another cute roommate Nadia Chong (OMG I can’t believe i’d just praised you! :P) for running around to lend+return curler for me.. and i was busy stuffing my mouth with Nadia’s Mister Potato when Amy was doing my eye make-up. Hahaha!
I think i’m really gonna miss my roommates when i start my Year 2. :/
Back to Dental Night Dinner (DND):
With Adeline and Xuan Lin, my KMK sisters & best friends in Uni. Aren’t they just so sweet? :) *Hugssss*
Another best friend of mine, the prettayyyyy Hoon~ :)
And definitely not forgetting the naughty and disobedient and silly and noisy and… (oops, nothing positive. :P)… bunch of boyfriends, the Dental 5 Tigers (kononnya..)!! That’s me and my leng zai bodyguards, the 5 “stars” of the night because my camera was flooded with the photos of 5-of-them + another-one-person. Like people queuing up to take photo with some kind of famous statue, you know? Since when manager take up the role as camera girl as well? I demand double salary from 5 of youuuu! XD
My table, Table 25!Table25
Another piece with the 10 pretty & handsome faces! :)
My ever-so-cool co-buddy, Edward.
Buddyline!! 3rd year Buddy William, final year Buddy Eunice, me, Edward. Buddies looking stunning at the dinner! :D
My comel 3rd year clinician, Sophia. =)
Next up: Performances from the 1st years.
The 1st year band. Unfortunately there was some technical error during the performance. Wasted! Yet i believe you guys had put great effort in it!
Combined show Part 1: Show Choir presenting Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”. I’m involved in this! Finally, it sound like a real firework. lol.
Combined show Part 2: Chinese Retro Dance.
Combined show Part 3: Malay Retro Dance. I’m involved in this too!
Combined show Part 4: Modern Dance by the guys including fanxu-tigers (tigers which eat sweet potato or sweet potato in tiger’s shape?!?!). Good job, dudes! Finally i agreed that it was quite yeng, compared to the first time when i laughed out loud at them. LOL. So bad. :P
Not forgetting the multimedia presentation or short video from the first years too! It depicted a love story which had everyone in stitches… Hahaha! Couldn’t control my laughter! Again, good job for those who are involved in it! :)
P/s: i do not own any of the performance’s photos. Found these memorable pieces from other’s photo album on FB.
Last but not least, presenting you another Photoshop artwork as suggested by Mee Poh:
gg copy
Randomly found 9 coursemates (including myself) for this. Hahaha!
The original:
Haaaahahahahaha! Although we are not blonde like SNSD but my coursemates are equally dashing! Phewwit~
More photos in my FB profile! :D
Overall the event was enjoyable (for the snapping photos part :D) but we don’t really have time to enjoy the food due to the preparation for performance. Food was Ok-ok lah anyway. It’s fun seeing everyone dolling up! Hiak hiak hiak~
A new week started! Gotta concentrate on studies again. Gambate! :)