If tomorrow is the end of world.

I used to doubt the truth behind the myth of world coming to an end in 2012. Although the movie “2012” earned buckets of my tears (gosh i couldn’t stand movie depicting destruction of human beings in this way. It’s pure creepy and i really couldn’t control my tears. Image ALL your families, best friends and all the loved ones become DEAD just like that?? How heart-breaking!!). However, with the recent occurrence of earthquake in Japan, i couldn’t help but start believing in it.
Gosh, i’m not even officially an adult and i’m going to die? If the end of the world is in 20-12-2012, i had not celebrated my 21th birthday by then. Oh damn, i’d planned to throw a big party for that! :/
There’s certain things that couldn’t be change. The Earth is falling sick and she’s definitely mad at us. She’s giving us, bit by bit, by eating up human beings with natural disasters. Earth is undergoing self-destruction?
Fear aside, what would you do if tomorrow is the end of the world?
I would go home now because i want to die non other place than my home, on my comfy bed. LOL.
I would hug you tight. You, as in all the loveliest people around me, who cheered me up, made my day, sayang me, brought lots of fun to my life, lend their shoulders for me when i was down. You all deserved my hug! I’m going to hug you all till you all suffocates. Haha~
I would thank every single important person in my life personally and through this blog. Although, well, i doubt anyone ever bother about Facebook or Blogspot when you only have few more hours to enjoy last breaths on Earth.
I would confess all my secrets and die peacefully without bringing any regrets with me. Promise.
I would get the money out of my bank account and buy a DSLR with the best lens and capture all the last beautiful moments on Earth.
I would buy all the prettayyyyy clothes, shoes, and accessories without thinking of the price! Let me be compulsive shopper for once and only once.
I would bring my laptop along when i die. LOL.
I would taste all the ice-creams and cakes in the world. Who cares about getting fat fat fat fat fat fat fat at this hour??
LOL. 24 hours seems not enough for so many things.
Of course showing last affection to my loved ones would be given the priority.
Thanks my parents for bringing me to this world and nurturing me till now. For all their trust and hopes on me, and their unconditional love. Home is the best place. Deeply felt all this since i left home for educational purpose. Which explains why until now, i just love to go home during weekend although i’m slack like lazy piggie at home.
Thanks all my best friends in different phases of life.
My KK kakis are part of my interesting high school life. Who says student in top class are nerds? WE ARE NOT! The girls, especially, are already like family to me. It feels like, no matter what obstacles or heartache-stimulating (?!) stuffs that i’d encountered outside, when i’m back to home, back to Kota Kemuning, and get these girls, i can just break down in front of them and confess my deepest feeling. We might be parted for studies, but when we are together, the bond is still there. It’s a warmth feeling that hard to be described.
My KMK sisters in matriculation are another bunch of friends i appreciate. My life would sucks without them when i was stuck in such ulu place in Northern Peninsular Malaysia. We went through the same hardship, feeling homesick together, studied together, attacking each other’s room together, and until now, sharing gossips and stories from different courses and universities which we are in. Trust me, is fun having friends in different universities! When we meet up, we can really talk non-stop. Girls Power! :) Not forgetting Deffrey Chuah, one of the guy friend i can trust the most after everything we’ve been through. This friendship is something that i treasure very very much. :)
Fanxu gang might be one of the silliest bunch of friends i had, especially the guys. Guys best friends and girl best friends are definitely different (HAHAHA i can assure that!) They are really silly but again, without them, my university would be dead bored! Life as a dental student can be real dull if what you think of is only books books and that freaking mountain load of lecture notes you have to swallow to face the damn examination. Although i always nag and scold them but yeah, i admit that i love this bunch of irritating human beings. If world doesn’t end in 2012, they, together with my bunch of lovely coursemates, would be my support throughout this 5-year battle! Furthermore, not missing out my adorable and sometimes-annoying roommates, Amy and Nadia (yes, the annoying part is referring to you, Miss Nadia Chong!). :P
LOL i’m getting more and more naggy. Like writing some sort of last note. *CHOY CHOY CHOY TOUCHWOOOOOOOD!*
I didn’t expect this blog post to be this long but words just flow out like that. Ha ha.
Appreciate what you have! That’s the most important thing to do,
…if the world really ends.