Blah Blah Blah


It has been a habit to update this site at least once in a week.

So it’s time to do my job.

But, hmm, what should i write?

About our performance practise? The choir FINALLY become enjoyable for me as the spirit of team member can finally be seen. Phew! Super grateful of that. The short dancing is oh-kay, although asking me to dance is similar to asking me to eat the vegetable in DU i.e. the canteen of my residential college. LOL. Or maybe not that bad because the dance only involve simple movements. Bwahaha!

About spending my Saturday in uni instead of going home (after doing so for n weeks)? It’s super rare that i’m lazy to go home. Yet instead of having myself drawing circles in hostel, i went shopping (YAY!) with my siao za bo roommate Nadia. And ended up having ourselves drenched because it was raining cats and dogs (wa damn long didn’t use this phrase lol) when we are heading back to Uni.

About raping my laptop (?!) by taking off it’s old skin and replaced with another one? Oh yay now my lappy is Miss Purple! :D

Nothing big struck me for the past week la.


And don’t worry i’m stepping out from emo zone slowly. :D
Gotta become numb with it. :D