2ndRC Coursemates Outing :)

A straight-to-the-point title as the starter. :D
It feels like a WEEKEND on a TUESDAY!
Cz’ we only have 1 hour of lecture and Yours Truly did something unusual (YES YES YES) as she skipped it. Well if i’m staying in 1st college maybe i will go because the faculty is just behind it but i’m staying in 2nd college and it’s quite far from the faculty and i’m lazy to walk all the way there for 1 hour lecture plus it was raining and i don’t want to wet myself plus it feels like Camera Highland in the room because it’s so cool and i was so reluctant to step out from room cz damn it it was so COMFORTABLE!
Hiak hiak hiak hiak hiak. Alasan. :P
I’m lovin’ this! And personally feel that it is more productive. No wonder some people can get addicted with ponteng kelas. *dont look at me! not me!*
After being productive by chewing lecture notes for the whole morning + afternoon + evening, is time to RELAX! So yeah, with the help of 3 gentlemen i.e. Ming Xiao, Jun Yi and Haw Shyan, all the first year Dental students of 2nd Residential College *well, almost* is out of the hostel! Hell yeah! :P
P/s: Why Khai Kent’s name is not in the list of “Gentlemen Drivers”? Hmmm… Ask himself regarding the stupid incident. XD
1st makan-makan stop: Piccadilly
2nd college coursemates ~<3
2nd movie-movie stop: Big Mommas @ Tropicana City. Look at the tickets… @_@
inside-the-lift-also-want-to-camwhore-Smile with tongue out
3rd makan-makan stop: Gei Dak Sek (记得吃) @ SS2
Credits to small kids… *dont look at me, not me!*
Well, sincerely speaking, everyone knows there IS a reason behind this outing. No matter what happens, just wanna let everyone knows that WE ARE TOGETHER! Although, i admit, there’s small gangs among us BUT the relationship between gangs is still GOOD! We are ALL Dental coursemates, and we will help and support each other no matter what. Certain problem might not be settled in a short time, but it will not affect the friendship of coursemates as a whole. :)
Need new IRRITATING song to wake you up in a wonderful slacky-morning?
Song #1:

This song makes me feel like destroying the radio whenever it is aired on the radio station. The 1st 2 seconds is enough to indicate to me that “IT’S TIME TO CHANGE RADIO STATION! WTH THIS SONG VERY NICE MEH WHY KEEP PLAYING IT WTH WTH WTH!?!?” It can make you (or maybe me only lol) bang into a tree if you are listening to this while you are driving. LOL. She’s definitely pretty and charming, but this is definitely a wrong field for her! Well, it’s not her fault for possessing those voice, but WTH is wrong with her company, seriously? Why turn a non-singing-material into a…a…a… annoying-singing-machine. Ughhh.
Oh by the way, the MV is not bad la anyway. I give unbiased comments okay~

Repetitive, boring, dull, pointless LYRICS. I know many people had been criticise this on Facebook on how LAME it is. Because it is. Lame and annoying. Ughhhhhhh.
Something wrong with the music industry nowadays. Gahhhh!
P/s: In monster-eating-mode now. Wheee~ End of the world coming soon anyway, makanlah sepuas-puasnya. :P
And live like there’s no tomorrow! :D
Damn it, i’m really insensitive towards dates. I only know Monday, Tuesday, ….. Sunday. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Whack me please.