Sweet Potato’s Sweet Escape (MLK + PD) :D

So the story began when the sweet potatoes (fanxu fanxu fanxu~) rolled themselves from KL area to the KTM station of Seremban. Unfortunately our two topmost adorable fanxu, Miss Cindy Peh Xuan Lin and Miss Adeline Ng Kah Yee were stuck in residential college for college activity. That would be a part of the lil imperfection for the trip. Nevertheless, fanxu trip was TOTALLY AMAZING! Thanks the guys for organising! :D
1st Food Hunting station: Dim Sum @ Seremban
I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but the atmosphere was rather great. Some food could meet your satisfaction. As for the details, kindly refer the “Food-God”: Terrence. He has sensitive taste buds. Haha!
After the breakfast in Seremban, we moved on to our first destination: Melacca!
Posing like boy band. HAHAHA! And they look about of the same height here! Lagi macam boy band. :D From left: Khai Kent, Terrence, Jun Yi, Ming Xiao, Keng Siang.
2nd Food Hunting Station: Chicken Rice Ball.
Thumbs up!! The rice ball is absolutely appetising although it is a lil bit oily. I recommend this! :D
3rd Food Hunting Station: Nyonya cendol + Laksa.
P1190892P1190894 P1190889
The cendol was not too much of my favour probably because i don’t really have a thing towards coconut-sugar. Yet it was quite unique so it was worth giving a try. Some might probably love it! Did not try the laksa so i got no comment~
Met up with another two pretty and sweet coursemates, Geok Hoon and Sylvia, who are the locals before we continued to the 4th Food Hunting Station: Nadeje.
Millecrepe! Yet frankly speaking i still prefer Secret Recipe’s cake which can trigger my taste buds to greater extend. People who are not in favour of strong taste might find this millecrepe nice, anyway. Recommend the original flavour. :)
Group pic @ Melacca. From Left: Khai Kent, Keng Siang, Terrence, Jun Yi, Ming Xiao, me, Sylvia, Geok Hoon.
5th Food Hunting station (Yes we keep on eating eating and eating. Gosh!): Seafood dinner at one Malay shop which i had forgotten the name. LOL.
Did not really like the way of cooking because it was relatively oily and spicy. Especially the crab, FRIED crab. The fish has very strong “fish-smell”. Overall it was okay. For those who like Malay food might like this.
Taking a rest from food hunting, we proceeded to the Jetty for snooker.
Untitled-4 copy
Oh yah, first time playing snooker and i admit i’m noob. HAHA. I admit i’m a nerd anyway. Activity involving precise movement is so not me. That’s why i have zero talent in any form of sports. Haha.
6th (and last for the day. Thank God.) Food Hunting station: Satay Celup @ Capitol Satay.
Untitled-5 copyP1200045
YES! Would definitely recommend this! Very satisfying! I love the bread when it was dipped in the sauce and eaten hot. Wohoo! And the BIG prawn you see here, was definitely one of our favourite. Sylvia’s expression of satisfaction was so adorable! Hahaha!!
Cheong-K @ Jetty followed next:
And i was already exhausted by that time. First time cheong-k with sea view! Cool huh? :P
Return to Geok Hoon’s home to sleep while the guys went back to their hotel. Thanks Hoon! :D
The guys asked us to wake up at 8am on the following day but their car reached Hoon’s home at 11am. Oh great. Aku merajuk!
Had breakfast at a shop selling noodles with pork leg/beef/”pai gu” and so on. Noodle was rather normal but the “pai gu” (排骨) was rather nice! The way of marinating the meet was similar to my mom’s recipe so i sort of found the “home-taste” from the meat. Hah~~ :D
Next, had lunch at McD together with Hoon’s belated birthday celebration! Someone boo-ed us while we was singing birthday song. Ah, sh*t them, man.
Big Apple Doughnut! :) Happy Birthday to dear dear Hoon Hoon! Stay pretty and hiao always. Hahahahaha!!! ;P
Movie time later:Sanctum_Poster
Hmm… would still prefer Avatar. This is not something that made me go Woaaaahhh. Is more like something depicting how people escape blah-blah-blah rather then selling the 3D effect. Overall still quite okay. Worth watching but don’t enter cinema with too much hope. :)
Moving on, photo session around Melacca! Oh yeah my favourite part comes!
Group pic! :)
And my “wall-photo” attempts. :D
P1200089 copyP1200082 copyP1200085 copyP1200086 copy P1200080 copyP1200081 copyP1200087 copy
Bigger photos in my Facebook profile. Do give some comments, good or bad. Thanks! :)
Dragged them for more photoshoot:
P1200097 copy P1200098 copyP1200108 copy
My models: Top = Terrence; Bottom left = Ming Xiao; Bottom right = Jun Yi. Love Terrence’s! :D
“illegally” took photo with the trademark of Melacca without the owner realising. :P
After that, finally agreed to leave Melacca to our next destination, Port Dickson. Hoon finally agreed to join us after long hesitation! Happy happy~ :)
BBQ-ed by the beach till midnight but i have no photos of them because i was too lazy to bring my camera down. Enjoyed talking in the night breeze! Wheee~
Had our night at another coursemate, Lai Yee’s place. Thank you so so much for the hospitality! :D
Group pic at Port Dickson: me, Hoon, MX, KKK, Junyi, Lai Yee, Terrence, KS.
The girls: Lai Yee, Hoon, me~
Presenting to you, the DROLLING HOT guys, Dental 5 Tigers a basket of fanxu-s! Hahaha~ The result after dieting & going to gym. For more HOT photos, kindly visit my Facebook profile too. XD
Me and my boys. Suddenly i’m so proud of them. LOL. Like what i’d always say, although some of them can be really retarded at times, but they are one of the best company you can get! Yet apparently my birthday wish of them getting girlfriend as soon as possible (so that they can stop nagging over it) has not become reality yet, so if anyone happened to love-at-first-sight at them after looking at the photos, DO CONTACT ME! ;D ;D ;D A good deed, huh? ;P
Last Food Hunting Station: Ah Cui Bak Kut Teh!
Untitled-1 copy I like! Nevertheless still prefer the “wet” one than the “dry” one because i LOVE LOVE LOVE the soup! :)
After that we paid a visit to Ming Xiao’s home before being disposed at Seremban KTM station and crawled back to own site of dwelling respectively.
Wooo~ Thanks Yong MX! He’s our dedicated driver throughout the trip. Luckily i’m still alive. XD
P1200322 Dead tired at the end of the day!!! :P
To sum it all, a much enjoyable trip although i seriously gained weight. =X Looking forward for more vacation with them! Next round should be in the hol after finals? :P
Classes starts tomorrow! Rolling back to UM soon. Coursemates and roommates, see ya! :)