The Real CNY Starts Here :)

Finally ended the 3 torturous days of 2.1 examination! Wheeee~ Describing it as “torturous” is a bit of exaggeration because i was relatively selamba. I woke up at 6am++ on an exam day when my normal waking time was suppose to be 4-5am. LOL. And truthfully speaking, we shouldn’t be tooooooooooooooooo stressed out for this exam because logically speaking, it is only 1/4 of what we should study for our finals in May. So, phrasing it differently, if we feel like dying this time, we will be in hell (LG18 somemore) during finals. Hmmmm…

Nevertheless my mood is not affected by negative thing this time, no last-minute-rushing-like-crap and i was quite satisfied with my performance, not in term of marks, but the way I viewed this exam. I hate stressful situation, anyway. Whatever the outcome is, i know i had tried my best, so i got no one to place my blames on. :)



The opening ceremony:


Cheong-K with coursemates @ Gardens! (Ah, our fav hanging spot. :P)


Shared the room with tigers the guy fanxu-s because we reached before the rest. And when you go cheong-k with bunch of guys (esp with the presence of TERRENCE CHAN LAI WOOI), it made you screamed your lungs out and burst your glottis and chop off your vocal cord or whatever. Nevertheless, SHYIOKNESS!!!! :D


Sisters~ Typical post-examination look: Tired face. XD

After dragging the time here and there, me and the guys ended up in Cheras Night Market and i accidentally found something that i was looking for SO SO LONG but it was disappeared from SS2 Night Market:


Taiwan Burger! :D

However it was quite salty. Maybe i took the wrong flavour? Hmm…

But the main attention is not on this, but on……

The notorious popular Smelly Taufu (Chao Taufu)!!!! The same Chao Tau Fu that i encountered during the OUG-Pasar Malam-attack with KK-Kaki, as described here. Click it and you will find the video depicting their reactions when the Smelly Taufu went into their gastrointestinal tract!

So this is the fanxu / tiger’s version of review on CHEW CHEW chew sheen yeen Chao Tao Fu:

LOL i know it was quite potong. As the conclusion, only Khai Kent really survived the test.



Mommy’s food here i come! Went home and not long after having my butt stuck on the chair, i followed the others to KLIA for Yasmin’s farewell to Australia! She’ll be there to further her studies under sponsor. Good Luck, Min Min kakakku tersayang~ :D

(Since i have not got the farewell photos from Miss Sha-ooo-nie, let’s substitute it with my high school photos. :D)


Yasmin Nor Azmi, one of my best Malay friend! She’s definitely a good company and i believe everyone will love her presence. My lovely kakak! Shaunie gave birth to both of us.. (or is it the other way round? LOL. Damn confusing :P)


Ahaha i know i’m naughty. :P

Min, all the best and take care! Will always miss you.. <3



Bai nian trip among KK-kakis. Suppose to be Myvi Tour but we ended up having 2 out of 4 Myvi-s. Haha..

1st station: Keith’s house.180373_499531893847_538053847_6314116_5995004_n


2nd station: Peh Ge’s house168909_499536478847_538053847_6314236_1364650_n


3rd station: Hui Shen (BOBO)’s house. Where they say looks like a hotel! :D And the rest transformed into Gamble-Ghost at here. lol.



4th station: MY HOUSE! :D :D :D Made few of them jakun-ed with the real teeth that I’d collected from dental clinics for my project. Brought Shaunie and Peh Ge to my room and i don’t know what are they going to do with my baby-days photo in their phone. No~~


5th station: Kai Jing’s house. Another place for them to turn into Gamble-Ghost while me serious-talked with some of the STPM-er regarding their future. LOL. Hahahaha~ :P180841_499534568847_538053847_6314179_521210_n

And later the big winner of the day, Kai Jing treated us McD at 1am! Ice-cream at 1am? Doesn’t sound like a good thing for a person on diet right? LOL. Nevertheless, makan dulu la. lol.



Shopped around in Times Square with Sheen Yeen and roommate Nadia. And i can’t believe they got common topic to shoot me although it’s their first time seeing each other. Hmph! *merajuk* Nonetheless, ENJOYED SHOPPING AT TS! :D I got high looking at the price tags. But i was still rational enough and the high-ness was well-suppressed. LOL. Who says Times Square is a cheap place and ONLY for lala?

Another farewell for ex-classmate, Chay Fhun, in the evening. Gathering with ex-classmates @ Aunty Juliet’s (and got PISSED OFF – a little – by the owner. I’m not making a defamatory comment out of nothing, it is the FACT. Seriously, ATTITUDE PROBLEM weih! For further info, ask me personally).

Sakai thing aside, had time chit-chatted with the rest. :)


Candid vers. of group photo.

171340_10150092951209142_696264141_6394331_6538363_o Me and Sheen Yeen’s couple shirts bought in Times Square few hours before the gathering. LOL. Random :P


Sheen Yeen, me, the celebrated girl i.e. vet in future, Chay Fhun [ have faith in you! :) ] and Hui En.

Again, ALL THE BEST! February is such a flying season eh?



Since having swollen gum after gathering on previous night, i had been feeling pretty mood-less. It is not exactly the gums but.. the lingual tonsil area? It ache whenever i open my mouth big (Opening-more-than-2.5cm-the-condylar-head-move-onto-articular-eminence-hahaha-ignore-me-only-dental-students-understand-what-am-i-crapping-lol-i-know-i-am-pretty-retarded). And the pain can spread up to the head, causing headache, and down to the throat, causing throat-ache. Added with aching legs due to walking too much few days back…..imagine how uncomfortable it is! :S

Although i still go to Fo Guang Shan @ Jenjarum with family (and the place is good for photoshooting), i did not produce many satisfactory photos since i was obviously, NOT IN THE MOOD. Shyt. Hate this. Hope to recover soon because BEING SICK DURING HOLIDAYS IS SERIOUSLY DAMN SUCKY OKAY! :’(

Whatever it is,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

[And obviously i’m not celebrating one. Gotta spend my Valentine’s day with naps! ;) ]