Happy (?) Chinese New Year

Truthfully speaking , Chinese New Year had become less happiness-stimulating as you grown up. Or it is just my personal thought? The only exciting parts of Chinese New Year are perhaps meeting up with some people that you only get to meet once in a year (providing you have interaction WHEN you meet up) and the FOOD. Oh yea, the FOOD is definitely the best part. CNY cookies and ba gua! As time goes on, these foods are actually easily obtained throughout the year, and it is not that we can only afford  them during Chinese New Year. Nevertheless, imagine having the opportunity to chew a one whole piece of ba gua, bit by bit, complaining how disgustingly oily as it seem but allow it to trigger your taste bud at the same time.. if you get to do this all the time, Chinese New Year is like… nothing.

DSC05521 ba gua ba gua ba gua :D :D :D

Ang pau? Frankly speaking, if i become a real spender, i can finish ‘em up in less than one week with all the movies, cheong k, expensive foods, purchasing random stuffs, etc. And i believe in some families (not mine not mine), the pocket money for some children for one week might even exceed the amount of ang pau. So what’s the big deal? Well, for me i couldn’t touch the ang pau money from both my parents because it is deposited into my bank account directly. lol. Only those from relatives can be spend. Haha.

Fireworks and firecrackers? Watching fireworks does not cast any element of romance on me (duh, not like i’m watching it with my boyfriend and not like i have any. lol), and as peculiar as it may sound, it is actually quite terrifying to watch it from near distance (as if it is going to land on your HEAD!!). And the sound of firecrackers can be quite disturbing especially when it was only 2 houses away from your dwelling and the sound can seriously cause an enormous damage to tympanic membrane. Ouch.

P1150098 Taken last year. LOL. Feeling lazy to experiment with this object this year.

Last time, people regard CNY as something so precious that they only get to enjoy all the luxurious food (like chicken and fish) during Chinese New Year. Having a drumstick in hand was already like in a heaven. And now? Sorry to say but i’m quite sick with fish (fried ones!) and chicken. When i’m home, i rather finish up all sorts of eggs! Tomato fried egg, mayonnaise fried egg, onion fried egg… they are more appetizing and appealing to me compared to fatty pork and big chunks of chicken.. Ugh..

Countdown for Chinese New Year? The same old live countdown show on the same Singapore channel with almost the same artists every year SINCE i was young. And i don’t feel that it is much attracting to me now. I have no urge to watch that and well, almost decided to sleep through the 12.00am of my CNY like what i’d done for Christmas’10. Ah, almost, but i didn’t due to guiltiness. But actually there’s nothing to be guilty about right? lol.

And how many of us actually bothered to wear RED RED RED on Chinese New Year? My CNY clothes, one is white with lil elements of pink, and another is just plain b/w. Again, CNY is so exciting to lil kids because they only get to dress up like lil prince and princess during Chinese New Year. And for now, with all the sales sales sales, can you limit yourself to buy that 2 set of clothings only during Chinese New Year? In fact, i didn’t thought of buying a pair of shoes for CNY purpose because i have been buying shoes shoes and SHOES throughout the year (The turnover rate of shoes and umbrella of Dental students are pretty high. XD). Hmm, children nowadays…. blissful much?

Ok, sobber things aside, Chinese New Year post is suppose to sound happy. Story of my CNY journey starts here!

DSC05500 A magnificent sight before we turn into highway. Whoa. fountain at roadside! XD


The evidence of flood in Johor! Even side of highway is flooded. Thankfully it does not affect the journey back to Skudai, Johor. No jam, no flood. Whee~

I’m actually looking forward to Chinese New Year eve instead of Chinese New Year because of them:


My top most adorable cousin sisters, Xiao Hui (6 yrs) on the left and Xiao Qi (5 yrs) on the right. Freaking cute right? Now there’s no need to baby-talk with them already because they had grown up. Haha! It’s fun having them glue-ing around, taking the two lil hands to here and there, and tickle each others! :D


Piggy-boo! :P




Webcam attack again!!!! They were pushing each other to show the biggest face in front of webcam. XD

P1190633Dear dental students: PRIMATE SPACE! Haaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha OMG random sial. =.=

P1190616Burning silver papers is a common tradition.

P1190615 And while the adults are burning silver papers, we are at the roadside, playing POP POP. Hiak hiak hiak. XD

Not forgetting to catch my two lil cousins for photography purpose! ;P

P1190573 editP1190572 edit copy

Wanted to get people to take these in-front-of-wall photos since some time ago and now i shall let my two lil cousins be my first models. :D


Went S’pore again for CNY this year. Another one-day-trip and this time the destination is Science Centre. :D Hey, who says Science Centre is only for lil kids? It’s amazing! At least it did not bore me. Initially mom almost suggested to visit the S’pore Zoo, and i’m so NOT in favour with the idea. Seriously, zoo?? Not tired with all the animal shows in Thailand??? O___O

Paying visit to Science Centre is freaking much better than…. animal. Unless you think tiger in S’pore is diff with those in M’sia. Hmm…

Anyway, photos-spamming time! *since i’m too lazy to upload them in fb*


Some snapshots of different sections in Science Centre. Beautiful! :)


Part of some lil exhibition at the entrance in conjunction with the year of rabbit. And OMG-THIS-IS-SO-SO-SO-SOSOSOSOSO-ADORABLEEEEEEE~~ *pinch pinch* LOL. Paixe. I'm really into tiny-mini things because i find them so cute~ <3


Another cute corner! OMG it makes you feel as if you are living in the world of cartoon. :D The kitchen is damn comel~


And the ‘dancing’ iron powders!!! *LOL cute thing makes me high. XD*


Random discoveries by us. This is the look of chip in I/C under the blue rays (or whatever ray it is. Just because it is BLUE and i’m calling it the BLUE ray. :P) Oh i didn’t know that the chip has our photo on it too. Meaning 2 photos in one I/C! *jakun face*


A corner in the section explaining the predicted high-tech future. Oh yeah bio-stool! Hahaha~ It analyse your poop and educate you to eat more fibres. ;)


A mirror for people to check their inheritance. LOL. Actually there’s nothing special about the mirror. Just because it is a mirror and can be used for mirror camwhore. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE vain. Ooooooo CNY dress :D


The eye-catching optic fibres!


Staircase with the images wit optical illusions. It’s really interesting to look at them! :)  

Oh and one more thing. While buying ticket, since the “children” refers to those up to 16-years-old instead of 12, so,


Brown hair doesn’t prove anything. Hah. Is either i really look that young, or the fella didn’t really check. And the latter make much more sense. lol.


OK that’s all about the significant things of my CNY.

Exam is tomorrow and i’m here, in BBG (study room of 2nd residential college), BLOGGING and FACEBOOKING because there’s no internet connection in my room.

HAHAHAHA WTH. Steady. I’m lack of the tension exam mood now. Seriously, WTH? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :P