Study week vs. Chinese NY

When study week clash with Chinese New Year break like how Mars crash with Earth or whatever,

Even if you are home, having a nicely-decorated bedroom,


And a nicely-decorated study corner,


You  still can’t help pulling your face long long loooong like how you pull a rubber band.


And all you think about, instead of the 3 main files of lecture notes, are Facebook and FOOD.

DSC05470 Junk food, precisely.

Oh damn i’m going to expand even BEFORE the clock struck 12 on 2nd Feb, i.e. Chinese New Year eve. Everyone is going to say that i’m FAT! OK, whatever.

I don’t care. I’m not in the mood, all i think of is food food and food.
And my missing Physiology lecture notes on Hearing.
And the coming MATB II + Dental Night Dinner (Sheesh. Long way to go, girl. I seriously need to get something right to occupy my brain space).
And the trouble of going all the way back to Uni after return home JUST to check out from residential college with the damn keys, food card and assess card.
And the incident of hurting someone without realising until i saw the hint on Facebook. Sigh. I really don’t mean it. All of us don’t mean it. =/

So there have been many things revolving around my head instead of Hearing Vision ANS Cerebrospinal Fluid Synapse Reflex Excitation-contraction coupling Neuromuscular Junction Mastication Speech Smell Taste Dental Plaque TMJ Occlusion Lipid Liproprotein Micronutrient Macronutrient Amino Acid Metabolism Hormone Blood clotting yada yada yada whatever i dont care lets screw our 2.1 exam.


As exam approaches, the urge of breathing air outside campus rose like hell. Lunch with friends, Midnight karaoke, Shopping with roommates.. all sapu!



Me and my naughty and noisy (oops) roommate, Nadia. I love her damn much on Friday night for accompany me running around Midvalley for some important last-minute mission. Thank you so so much! So your sin of acting insanely and abnormally in the room when you are hungry shall be forgiven. :P

Walaowe. Blog post getting more and more random and unorganised. Hahaha.

Pre-examination syndrome. Clash with CNY somemore. Made the disease got even more critical. :P

Ok la, no matter how saddening it is for Dental students,


Especially to my family members, KK gang, KMK sisters, fanxu gang and those who are not officially in gang but i still love them much. Hiak hiak hiak. Take care! XOXO

P/s: Realised that shooting people, esp GUYS, had become a hobby to me (I am still rather polite, gentle and nice towards those of same sex. *sayang sayang*) Sorry la if i sounded rude. It is just me. When i feel like opposing, i oppose lo. No wonder i am being treated more and more like a guy as time goes on. Good thing or bad thing? Time to ponder. Hmm.

I’m afraid i’m going to 看破红尘 for real in no time. HAHAHA.

I’m frank, not rude. The rudest word i ever use to scold people is just KNS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


-switching back to chewing-lecture-notes-mode-