Photoshoot with Hot Babes.


After half a year, here comes our 2nd round of photoshoot with the darling-most old friends of mine: the KK kaki-s! :)

Date: 8 January 2011.
Venue: Bukit Jalil Park.


Shaunie Ng May Qi. Chew Sheen Yeen. Tee Yi Ting. Chong Men Yee. Tan Peh Ge. XOXO!untitled5

The names which were imprinted in my brain since primary school. :) Watched them growing up. Aren’t they just beautiful?

untitled6 感谢一路上一直有你们陪我走. :D

So, our day started with Mandy bringing us to the park and she started to emo not long after reaching the destination. I got photo as soild prove:


She want to isolate herself and refused to join our conversation. Sob sob sob.


And then she started to realise and joined us. :D (LOL I’m so good in bina ayat by looking at the photos. Sounds like homework during primary school. :P Caption above has no element of truth in it. )


L.O.V.E and an adorable microscopic full stop. Haha! We formed another word *ahem. bad girls* which ended with exclamation mark but apparently there was no record of photos of it. I don’t think anyone want to see it anyway. It’s not our type. XD

Take 1:


Tahan…tahan..tahan…don’t burst out in laughter! *stifling hard*



WE CAN’T STAND THIS ANYMORE! *GONE CRAZY* Shaunie was in awe, Mandy started to ‘feng’ her hair as if she is in disco, I no-eye-see, Peh Ge in state of confusion, Sheen Yeen not forgetting to act cute when she was terrified.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL! I cannot resist from laughing whenever i look at these photos! My gosh they are such a good stress-relieving remedy weih! XD


More and more poses. You know, creativity has no limit.


Cropped out from a group photo because it was so cute. XD

And we love PLAYGROUND! 20-years-old is NOT old, mind you! *at least i try to deny HAHAHA*





And we like jakun around with new things!


I find this photo quite cute also. Everyone with different expressions. Where’s Shaunie? Busy hiding behind trees. XD


Was trying to capture big-head-photo but mission failed. So i have to get something else to place my attention on it. And ahha!:

P1060657 My white horse HEHEHE.



Peh Ge messed up Mandy’s hair and it pissed her off. Got photo as prove again!


Merajuk! Shaunie merajuk bersama!! *LOL. Sorry Mandy for making up stories again. XD The photos are not even in exactly right orders. :P*

Compare and contrast time:


June 2010 and January 2011. Just mere 6 month and look! Shaunie’s hair transformed into rocker’s style (HAHAHA), Peh Ge’s hair is definitely longer now, Mandy’s hair colour changed (very normal. :P), Julia is absent today [:(], me and Sheen Yeen don’t have much changes. Actually i do. I actually cut off my few strands of weirdly-dangling hairs and the rest had grown longer. Keep it on keep it on! I want long long hair~ :)

And here comes our 2011 version of girl-band photo (lol):

DSC_0258 edit 

The wind come at the right time, indeed. :P


And being cool is just a disguise. This is our true self: being hyper most of the time XD

Before ending the post, i MUST MUST MUST thank the following people:


Keith, the dedicated photographer. The owner of NiNi (since his camera is Nikon. LOL. Credits to Mandy for the name “NiNi”.) IMBA!! XD


Jacky, another dedicated photographer with Mandy’s Lulu!

And them:


Sheen Yeen who asked other to smell her armpit because she had gone wild (LOL!)


Mandy, the ultimate poser with the weirdest pose on earth and like to keh-leh-feh in other’s photo.


Shaunie the rocker and speakperson of Pantene/Sunsilk/Rejoice or whichever shampoo.


PehGe who is able to melt other guy’s heart when she looked back and smile but too bad she’s no longer available and she was busy (and happily) texting someone else. ;)

LOL Don’t kill me for the description please.


My 12th year with Sheen Yeen, Mandy and Shaunie. 11th year with Peh Ge. Wheeeee~

Maybe we can have next round of photoshoot with own boyfriends respectively! Then it will definitely be a very very sweeeeeeet album (like shooting wedding photos :D)

Don’t look at me. It excludes me (duh.). My turn to be a good photographer by then. :D

Mission accomplish! Next in the list: Cheong K!