Imma greedy head! ;)

Well, well. Weekend is meant to be spend slacking, no? (again, and again, and again). Thus here comes 2nd blog post of the day, considering the previous post is rather dry, i reckon. Sort of abnormal of me.

Let’s talk about photography, shall we? :D

Currently having bunch of idea for photoshoot with friends again (YES, AGAIN!) although i had just done it like.. what?.. few weeks back? Nevertheless is good to have dream right? Just like women, when she get a dress she dreamt of for ages, not long after she purchase it, she will start aiming for the next one. Oops~ :P

Dream 1: Photoshoot by the beach

Family-beach-photography-north-shore-hawaii beach-photo-tips2

In the day, we can have the blue sky and white sand;
In the evening, we can capture the breathtaking view of sunset. It’s gonna be so beautiful! :D

Should make this come true during KK Kaki-s Tioman trip, perhaps? Anticipating. Heh heh.

Dream 2: The Bubble theme

GIRL-BLOWING-BUBBLES 0_61_bubble_girl_2

As innocent as it seems. No matter how old we are, there’s still a little innocent child residing deep in our heart. I believe. Innocence is a simple beauty.

Dream 3: The Colourful Umbrella


Oooooooooo i always have a thing towards rainbow-coloured stuffs! Colourful isn’t it? Feel cheerful after looking at it. :)

Dream 4: Sekinchan

DSC_0105 3518301648_114ceb7f06

Paddy field in Selangor. Well the view impressed me during my last visit there and this music video reminded me of it again! Appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. Blue sky with cotton-like clouds and green field. It is just as simple as that yet it is just plain warming! *heart*

Dream 5: Guys outdoor photoshoot


Have been involved in 2 photoshoot of girls but have not tried on guys yet. The charming dudes in Fanxu gang a.k.a. The high-profile DENTAL 5 TIGERS under my management are going to be my target (“under my management” solely because i’m the MANAGEr. As if they will listen to me XD)! Sure gotta catch them if i really got a DSLR next time. At least once in this 5 years! :D



Through camera lens you will realise the beauty of life. Smile! :)

P/s: Time to get back to these bunch of annoying lecture notes. Cerebrospinal fluid……motor system….gotta swallow you both in this weekend no matter what!