Dota ft. Cheong K

Having a holiday during weekdays = an abnormally FREE day. Lazy people like me who are reluctant to be trapped in jam will choose not to go home. Wahaha~ So what else can i do? Basically i was much a resemblance of this creature called pig. Eat Sleep Eat Sleep Sleep Sleep SLEEEEEP! @.@

Nevertheless, The Boredom Busters are here to rescue! Khai Kent brought Ming Xiao, me and roommate Nadia for a stroll in Tropicana City and the night market after three of them are temporary free from project work. Another day of indulging in foooooooooooood! Gosh diet plan is gonna fail in no time~ Not mentioning how i got tempted and had my 2nd round of dinner with the notorious Dental 5 Tigers at Murni few days back. =X


Public holiday eve is meant to be spent silly-ly. Like trying to make the tutorial room in Dental Fac to explode with this:


5 laptops at a time! Woot!

Do you know the new Dental Fac is one of the best place in the world? HAHAHA. You can do anything you want here. Even good things like group study!


Yes we are! Ignore the Facebook page in my laptop. LOL. This was after we studied and did our Physiology online quiz together.

And then more came!


Tutorial room attack! XD

While waiting for Khai Kent and Ming Xiao to tapao and lend  speakers for the main event of the night (lol), we were separated into two main (and contrasting) groups:

Group 1:


Syiok sendiri Cheong-K (emphasis placed on the phrase “syiok sendiri”) When few person started to sing out loud infront of a small laptop, you actually can’t hear the music from laptop. :P

Group 2:DSC05380


All amazed by Wei Chun a.k.a. Sarikei a.k.a. Dota King’s ability. LOL!

It’s amusing when half of the big table was singing out loud happily and suddenly another half of table shrieked “AIYAK!!!!!!” because one of them died in Dota or something like that. LOL!

And the main “event” of the night: Midnight Movie Time!

Watching movie like…. this…:











Don’t ask why are we into OLD movie. Want to have some CNY feel, perhaps?

I want to watch NEW CNY movies like 笑着回家 and 天天好天!

Chinese New Year is approaching. Excited? Nah, not much of that emotion. Just another week of holiday with books (exam oh exam ToT) and fattening foods. Looking forward to meet my lil cousins though. ;)

Last but not least,

5tigerHelp to click on the image and “like” them although if you don’t know them. We are aiming for 168 before CNY. 一路发! *Saje doing my job as their responsible manger LOL*