Dental 5 Tigers……


I know, i know. I know it is quite silly, crazy, illogical, maybe childish to address your own gang of friend with such silly name (YES I STILL THINK IT SOUNDS STUPID. UNTIL NOW). Nevertheless, i couldn’t believe i’m helping them to set up this fan page.

09122010778 edit copy!/pages/Dental-5-Tigers-rofl/174530182586199

Yea. I’m the poor manager. They say i’m going to get paid at the end of the day according to the number of pretty girls that ‘like’ this page. Gah!

Declaration: I’m totally innocent *innocent face* ! Is their idea afterall: from the suggestion of name to idea of setting up the group!! I’m just a coenzyme and they are the enzyme… oh whatever.

You know when a guy is desperate, they can try all sorts of ways. Seriously.


I understand that some might really think they are drop dead ignorant, childish and everything (frankly speaking i feel the same some time. Or maybe most of the time, LOL), but they are a bunch of insanely funny best friends of mine. Don’t insult them lo. Everyone have their own way of living their live. LOL.

And they are not bad guys. They might look very cocky, arrogant, keep seeking for attention, beh paixe, perasan but they are good guys. You know, sometimes you need these abnormal characters in your life to make your life colourful. Someone to make the conversation funny instead of having the awkward silence. Or your life will be so dull surrounded by bunch of bookworms!

Not 5 of them are of the exactly same personality, anyway. Some can be really mature and some are really gentlemen (and some are learning to be LOL). They can be count on when you need help. I’m not praising them for the sake of promoting them only (well it is the main purpose of this post HAHAHA) but i’m saying these from my heart. :)

Frankly speaking, they are quite good-looking, what? shyt they are going to be perasan after seeing this omg omg omg

And although they like to hug each other very very much but i can assure that their are straight. =.=

And to the question why none of them fall into me when i’m so close with them,

because they never treat me as a girl. Obviously. lol.



i love you all although you are drop dead retarded.


If you don’t mind being kind to a bunch of lack-of-attention children, please ‘like’ the fan page. Thank you. XD

No forcing here. So don’t set up another Anti-“Dental 5 Tigers” group. HAHAHA.